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  • Joanne Brown

A Visit to Nairobi Feline Sanctuary

Joanne and her daughter Cassia are AKI "Friendly Audit" volunteers. They're helping our 2020 grant recipient, Nairobi Feline Sanctuary, write brochures and templates for NFS documents, such as adoption and foster home agreements; improve NFS's online presence; and secure more funding. In May, Joanne and Cassia visited NFS during a trip to Kenya.

In April, my daughter and I spent many happy hours at the Nairobi Feline Sanctuary. I was so excited since this was my first time visiting Kenya from my home in northern California. We received a very warm welcome from NFS founder Rachel Kabue who has created a loving home for the lucky cats who live there--thirty at the time of our visit.

Rachel Kabue & Wayne, the kitten who arrived during our visit

Wayne with a new friend a few days later

My first impression was that these cats feel safe and comfortable here. During the warm afternoons, we found cats lounging in their spacious indoor rooms, hanging out in the play area [constructed with a grant from AKI, along with the spay/neuter clinic], and relaxing in the shade. Some of the newly rescued mothers were caring for their own kittens as well as other rescued kittens. All of the cats at the Sanctuary got along well and were willing to give each other space when needed.

Play time in the play area NFS built with a 2020 grant from AKI
Cats relaxing in the shade

Rachel, along with her daughters Doreen and Mary, make sure that every cat is cared for and gets special attention. I appreciate how expertly Rachel provides for the individual needs of each cat. We also met community members who donate services and supplies to help the shelter run smoothly.

Rachel’s daughter, Doreen, spending special time with Walter

All cats at NFS receive medical care and are spayed and neutered. During one of our visits, two new rescues arrived, one abandoned kitten and a very soon to be mother cat. Rachel calmly welcomed them both, spending time to make sure each one felt comfortable in their new home. I was impressed by how easily the resident cats accepted the new arrivals.

A new mother & her young ones find a home at NSF

Chai also arrived at NSF during our visit

Many of the cats remembered me when I returned to visit them and came over to get a little extra attention. That made me feel pretty special! I hope to visit NFS again in the fall. On this trip to Kenya I saw little cats as well as lions--what could be better? Thank you Animal-Kind International for supporting Nairobi Feline Sanctuary!

Patio time and edible greens

Enjoying each other’s company

Many hours of entertainment for kittens at the sanctuary

Lounging in comfort

And so amazing to see a big cat relaxing in the wild at Nairobi National Park!


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