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AKI Grantee: Tikobane Trust & Humane Africa Trust-Zimbabwe

Tikobane and Humane Africa partnered for this grant project which demonstrated and educated people about the Five Freedoms. Each month, Tikobane in Hwange District and HAT in Lupane District focused on one of the Five Freedoms:

  • Freedom from Hunger and Thirst

  • Freedom from Pain, Injury, and Disease

  • Freedom from Discomfort

  • Freedom to Express Normal Behavior

  • Freedom from Fear and Distress

Month 1. Freedom from Hunger and Thirst-Tikobane and Humane Africa fed dogs and cats (photos below) to demonstrate responsible pet care; and went door to door (covid restrictions didn't allow big crowds) to educate animal owners about providing good food and clean water for all their animals.

Month 2. Freedom from Pain, Injury, and Discomfort-Humane Africa and Tikobane provided veterinary services, including for skin conditions, for a kitty whose paw was bitten by a dog, for flea and tick infestations, and for internal parasites. Dogs were bathed and groomed. All activities included community involvement to educate as many people as possible.

Month 3. Freedom from Discomfort-Results from Tikobane and Humane Africa's 3rd month of demonstration and education on the Five Freedoms were:

Humane Africa Trust

Number of kennels (houses) made and distributed: 2

Number of resting places made: 3

Literature distributed: 50

Number of people educated: 60

Tikobane Trust

Number of kennels (houses) made and distributed: 2

Number of resting places made: 4

Literature distributed: 50

Number of people educated: 47

Dog houses:

Resting places (made from tires):

Month 4. Freedom to Express Normal Behavior-The focus of this month's work was spay/neuter and treating wounds that were mainly caused as a result of fighting during mating. Also, the two organizations promoted better care of dogs who work for security companies (see photo below). During month 4:

o 60 adults and 23 children were educated on the importance of spaying and neutering.

o 10 volunteers were trained on basic wound handling in dogs and cats.

o 4 dogs and 3 cats where spayed or neutered.

o 80 sets of reading materials on the Five Freedoms where distributed.

Month 5. Freedom from Fear and Distress-During the last month, Tikobane and Humane Africa demonstrated "freedom from fear and distress" by creating safe areas - fenced yards for dogs to keep them safe from the dangers that lurk beyond their homes. In Hwange, Tikobane Trust (Amazi and volunteers) built a fenced area at Mr. Moyo's home:

In Lupane, Humane Africa Trust created this safe haven for Thembi’s puppies:

These serve as demonstration/education sites for others in the community to create their own safe spaces for their dogs.


Humane Africa Trust and Tikobane Trust summed up their experience over these last months implementing their AKI Africa-Based Animal Welfare Organization Grant Project as follows:

During the grant period we trained about 500 people and we helped more than 700 dogs through treating the sick, feeding, bathing and grooming them, spaying and neutering, and creating safe places for them. The grant has been of so much help to us especially as small organizations.

Firstly, it has strengthened our credibility and networks. Community members now see us as a resource and help for them and their animals. The grant helped us to identify inhumane treatment of dogs and cats and the animal welfare needs in our communities.

Some of the volunteers we trained are formed into an Animal Volunteer Response Team that educates and can contact us or the Department of Veterinary Services in case of an animal emergency. Though we have the volunteer team its operations are not that effective and they don’t have much equipment to be able to help many animals. That will be one of the next items we focus on.


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