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Have A Heart-Namibia: Helping in Under-Served Areas with AKI Donor Support

In Namibia, your donations support rural SPCAs (dog and cat food, vet care, shelter supplies, shelter renovations), the Katutura Pet Care & Feeding Project, spay/neuter in Aranos, an agricultural community with no accessible vet care, and Have A Heart-Namibia, the country-wide mobile spay/neuter initiative.

As you can see from the pie chart, in 2019, HAH-Namibia received almost 50% of the funds we send to Namibia. The rest is divided among Katutura, rural SPCAs, and a bit for Aranos s/n.

How did HAH-Namibia use the funds from AKI in 2019?

Our support is almost equally divided between the HAH Emergency Fund and follow-up booster shots and anti-parasite treatment for HAH's returning clients-these are cats and dogs who were previously sterilized and return to the mobile clinic when it arrives in town. HAH-Namibia clients receive a lifetime of shots and parasite treatments-we want to keep all those spayed and neutered cats and dogs healthy, comfortable, and happy for many, many years! HAH-Namibia used a bit more than 25% of AKI funds for the Karibib feral cat spay/neuter campaign. (The previous AKI Blog post about HAH-Namibia has details about HAH use of AKI funds during 2019.)

2020 is shaping up to be another good year for the AKI-HAH partnership.

During 4 HAH-Namibia clinic days, 114 beautiful cats and dogs, previously sterilized by HAH-Namibia, returned for a check-up, follow-up shots, and parasite treatment, all funded thanks to AKI donors.

While the mobile clinic was in Kamanjab on 29 & 30 January 2020, 76 dogs and 5 cats received booster shots and parasite treatment.

In Khorixas on 31 January & 1 February 2020, 32 dogs and 1 cat received booster shots and parasite treatment.

The pictures, from the Kamanjab and Khorixas clinics, are courtesy of Sharon Baines (thank you!).

The next HAH-Namibia spay and vaccination days will be in Karibib, Usakos, 5-Rand Kamp, and Walvis Bay, and AKI will be there (in spirit), supporting follow-up care....because investing in the vet care of already spayed and neutered dogs makes so much sense, their families so appreciate it, and the cats and dogs will live happy, healthy, and longer lives.


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