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Have a Heart-Namibia Update Part 2: May 2023

In this AKI Blog post, we continue from Part 1 (May 2023) with more AKI-HaH-Namibia Emergency Fund cats and dogs from the last few months. All Emergency Fund cases were either previously spayed or neutered thanks to Have a Heart, or they are required to be spayed or neutered as a condition of getting help from the Emergency Fund.


Alexander is 14 years old and a super cute boy. He didn't feel well at all, something was up, it wasn't like Alexander to be so down. Luckily all he needed was a dental cleaning. Just a few days after the cleaning, he was a totally different cat, back to his happy self, eating normally and even started putting on weight that he had lost when eating was so painful.

a cat
Alexander felt so bad, but luckily all he needed was some good dental care.

Split's caring family from Rehoboth was very worried about their sweet boy; he didn't have the energy he normally had. They took him to the vet clinic in Rehoboth, where he got a check-up. They were so happy to learn there was nothing seriously wrong with Split! He was given a couple of injections (vitamins to see if that would perk him up), and then the vet decided he should have a course of antibiotics. After some rest, Split was ready to tackle life again, with his family at his side of course.

a dog at the vet
Split wasn't feeling well, but nothing was seriously wrong with him, what a relief! (one of his family members is with him in this picture)

Foxie from Mariental was bitten by a group of dogs. Poor Foxie, how horrible to be beaten up by a gang. His family knew he needed a vet and they knew Dr Erna would help him even though they couldn't afford a private vet visit (that's where the Emergency Fund stepped in). He got cleaned up, stitched up, vaccinated, was given parasite preventative, and he was even neutered (required as part of the agreement for the AKI-HaH Emergency Fund to cover Foxie's vet care). We hope his neuter operation will keep him out of trouble!

a dog at the vet clinic
Foxie was cleaned up, stitched up, vaccinated, de-parasitized, and neutered!

Zimt is the German word for cinnamon, and as you can see, kitty Zimt is a cinnamon kitty. Ronja found Zimt in Windhoek with a broken pelvis, she was all alone, in pain, hungry, and cold. What luck that it was Ronja who found this kitty. Ronja has helped many cats and has gotten support from the AKI-HaH Emergency Fund before. Ronja took Zimt to the clinic and luckily, no surgery was needed. Zimt was ordered to be on strict cage rest. Ronja took Zimt home to let her heal and with the intention of finding a nice permanent home for this beautiful kitty.

a cat in a carrier
Zimt needed cage rest for a broken pelvis

Houdini is a cat from Gobabis who hadn't felt well for a while. Her family didn't know what to do about it, they only knew they couldn't afford a private vet. Then they learned about the AKI-HaH Emergency Fund. They brought Houdini to the local vet clinic, where they found out that the only thing wrong with Houdini was her teeth. Houdini had some dental treatment and was soon back to her old self.

a cat in a carrier
Houdini only needed dental treatment to feel better

Little Milo from Rehoboth came to Dr Olivier's clinic when his mom, a pensioner (state pension is N$1200 per month, about US$80), noticed he wasn't his normal self. Dr Hileni saw something was obstructing his esophagus and he urgently needed care. Luckily the AKI-HaH Emergency Fund was there to help Milo and his mom. He also needed to be neutered and when he felt better, he returned to the clinic for the surgery, just as his owner promised. Milo is a much needed and loved little dog!

dog and owner at vet
Milo with mom, something was obstructing little Milo's esophagus

Liefie is a beautiful girl from Rehoboth. Her name translates to Darling or My Love. When her owner brought her in for her spay she was bleeding a lot. This is usually a sign of tick bite fever. Liefie not only got three weeks of antibiotics, she also got a big bag of food, both meant to help her feel much better quickly. Her care was covered by the Emergency Fund.

dog and owner
Liefie had tick bite fever, discovered when she was brought to the vet clinic to be spayed.

Little Princess is from Mariental and is the oldest sister of the dog with the toothpick in her foot. You may remember Lady from 2022, her paw was so infected because of the toothpick, she had been in such pain, only relieved thanks to the Emergency Fund:

a dog and her owner
Lady in 2022, after a toothpick was removed from her paw

Princess had been spayed a few years back when she came to Dr Erna with pyometra. This time Dr Erna found that Princess had a mammary tumor and needed surgery. Princess is an old little girl and the surgery was risky but vital for her to have a pain free and longer life. Princess' heart stopped during the surgery for a few minutes, but the team was not ready to give up on her. She received adrenaline and Dr Erna's assistant had his first go on ventilation into an ET tube by mouth - because on top of all this, the manual ventilator acted up at the exact moment it was needed.

dog at the vet clinic
Princess had a difficult surgery, but we hope she will have a long, pain-free life.

Princess' heart started again and she started breathing again, the surgery was done, but it took Princess a long time to wake up. She was put on a drip, and at the 3 am check up, little Princess was barking her head off ready to get out of the cage. Princess went home the next day and her mom reported that she is doing very well!


100% of the AKI-HaH Emergency Fund is covered by our AKI donors. We are SO grateful for your generous support!

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