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Helping Animals in Namibia's Under-Served Areas: Katutura, Aranos, & Rundu

AKI support to under-served areas in Namibia is filtered through Erika, our long-time AKI liaison and animal welfare volunteer in Windhoek. Erika receives requests, identifies greatest need where we can have the greatest impact, and as funds allow, sends donations from our Namibia disbursement, and together, we watch what they accomplish.

Here's a quick view of how AKI's Namibia disbursement is used:

Erika sent this update:

In August, the Katutura Pet Care & Feeding Team visited Katutura again for our monthly visit. I must say that the pet owners really try and look after their dogs, cats, rats (yes, rats), etc., but they really have no money to spare and if the animals are sick or hurt, they do not know where they can go and get them treated-except when our Team comes. They do not have money, no cars (and the taxis refuse to take them in their cars as the animals often are sick in the cars) and there are no vets nearby.

Dr Baines is still working on the container clinic there, but he is still struggling to get funds. It is not only money for putting up the container clinic, but also for running it over a longer period.

Here are pictures from our August visit-we quickly check each cat and dog to make sure they are healthy, we flea powder cats and dip dogs, and if anyone needs a little more basic care and if we have the necessary supplies, we give what care we can. Then we send them off with a small bag of pet food-and usually some advice about how to help ensure their pets stay healthy.

In September, the Team returned to Katutura. You can see that we attract quiet a crowd. In the last photo for September, the dog's ears are so encrusted with ticks. We were so glad we could treat that poor dog.

Our last visit to Katutura for 2019 was on 7 December. I could not take many photos as my friend and I were alone and there were many dogs to be dipped and cats to be powdered. The first picture is of a big fluffy and much-loved orange cat.

In November, we resumed Aranos spays as our contact is currently not in Aranos anymore (she took a job in Windhoek to support her family as the drought has hit their farm very badly). I now have direct contact with the vet, Dr Veltmann, and she spayed 2 dogs with AKI money. Here are the photos:

Thania from Rundu SPCA is struggling with the drought there. She helps the people buy maize to feed their animals, helping to divert an even bigger disaster. So many animals are dying of thirst and hunger.

Thania also helped the people with a donkey cart which had overturned and hurt one of the donkeys. They fixed the cart and also fixed the donkey! Rundu SPCA is really doing a lot for the animals up in Rundu and I am glad we can assist. Here are some pictures from Thania of the animal at their shelter and others that they have helped:

The above picture: finally some rains come to Rundu! Let's hope for a better, wetter 2020.


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