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Kingston Community Animal Welfare is back to work!

Since covid-19 restrictions eased up in Jamaica, KCAW has been busy spaying, neutering, feeding, visiting, de-parasitizing, bathing, and providing other needed care for the 100s of street cats and dogs who rely on KCAW volunteers for meals and love. Here are some of their stories......

This family (below) was planning to dump their dog and her 2 pups. They said they have too many dogs and can't afford them. Deborah heard about this-as she hears about everything, through the Kingston grapevine-and went to the house to convince the family to give the dog and pups to her. (When you watch the video, you'll hear Deborah's annoyed voice.)


Deborah already has had the mama spayed and now mama and pups are at the KCAW kennels until someone comes along to give her and her little pups caring homes. She'll try to work with the family to get their remaining dogs spayed. (Picture below, the family hands over the one of the puppies to Deborah-instead of dumping them!)

This is little Milty:

He was living with his mama and 2 older siblings at the Racket Club in Kingston, Jamaica, where people play racket sports, dine, enjoy themselves in a comfortable environment.

With all that food at the restaurant and so many guests and staff who eat lunch there, you would think someone would consider feeding this kitty family. But no, instead they tried to chase them away. Deborah was told that there were 3 other siblings who didn't make it. Maybe they died of what Milty had-pneumonia.

At 1st when Deborah saw him, Milty could barely move and he certainly had no appetite. When Deborah encouraged him to eat, he gave it a try, one mouthful, nothing more. She could hear a rattle in his little chest when she held him. So off to the vet they went, where pneumonia was confirmed. (picture below)

This was not surprising since his mama had her litter under an old house in wet moldy soil where no sun can reach. Deborah kept Milty with her for 2 weeks while administering his antibiotics and vitamins. He got stronger each day, and finally, he was ready for his forever home at Samantha's (picture below).

Milty's mama (named Junior) and Milty's 2 older siblings are still living at the Racket Club. Deborah stops by to feed them every 3 days (hoping they get enough from the club kitchen or the trash in between visits) and has gotten Junior spayed. Next in line for s/n in February are Milty's 2 siblings.

Junior is wild and hasn't let Deborah touch her, but she was able to rub the heads of the 2 older kittens-they're still young enough to warm up to people, and Deborah plans to try to tame them and possibly find homes for them.

In the previous AKI Blog article about KCAW (October 13, 2020), we wrote about a sweet female dog, who we thought was dumped near Deborah's home. She just seemed to be waiting on the street for her family to return (picture below from October).

Deborah gave her food, and noticed she wasn't a young dog, figuring she was about 8 years old. This dog didn't seem meant for life on the street, but when Deborah brought her home, she was desperate to get back out to the street. So Deborah let her go back to the pack of strays she was running around with, and stopped to feed her and check on her every day.

Then Deborah noticed that she was always soaked from the thunderstorms -she didn't know how to get out of the rain! And Deborah was seeing less and less of her. So the next time Deborah saw her, she decided she couldn't leave this dog out on the street and brought her home.

Although it wasn't easy at first, as you can see in the video below, when Deborah brought her back to her house, she was wet and scared. She hid in the corner all day. But the next day, she got a bath and a second de-worming, and seemed to feel much better.


And she even got her own bed.


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