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Kingston Community Animal Welfare rescue escapades: August - October

Kingston Community Animal Welfare has been our Partner Organization since the start of AKI in 2007. Your support helps feed, rescue, spay/neuter, and provide needed vet care to Kingston's cats and dogs living on the street and helps very low income families provide good care for their pets-so they won't end up on the street. Here are a few cats and dogs recently rescued by KCAW.


From Deborah/KCAW:

I was heading up the hill by my house in pouring rain and stopped at the top of the road to close my door that wasn't properly closed. Yes, this will sound UNBELIEVABLE but it happened. I opened my door and as I did I heard a faint Meow! Meow!

I thought no way! In a major storm, no cat will be out. But I heard it again and got out to look.

She was in thick shrubs and bush so I didn't see her but I sure heard her. She made sure of that! Every time I called out, the louder she Meowed!!!

Then I finally saw her on a steep precipice and the ledge to her was slippery with the rain. But I couldn't leave her. So I made my way carefully and slowly down the treacherous path. I kept calling as I couldn't go any farther-she had to come to me. And she did!!! What a brave and determined kitty.

I rushed her back to my house, dried her off, and gave her food and water. She ate non-stop. In no time she was exploring every where. Very tame and loving so I knew she must be someone's kitty. I put posts of her on my neighborhood Whatsapp group and nobody claimed her or knew where she belonged.

rescued kitty
Soaked, but safe at KCAW kennel

I named her Sunny because even though I found her on a rainy day, she had a sunny personality.

This wonderful guy got in touch and was interested in Sunny and came over to meet her. He decided she would be a perfect pet for his young daughters (and he fell in love with her too).

kitty adopted
Sunny gets a wonderful home!

Trying to spend a day relaxing at the beach, a mama dog and her 2 puppies had another plan for Deborah. When Deborah spotted this very skinny and very weak mama dog and her 2 puppies, in such bad shape, Deborah's relaxing day ended and she decided the family needed to be rescued right away.

mama and 2 puppies
Mama & her 2 puppies living on the beach-but with no water, no food, and no safe place

The 2 puppies, named Ripple and Winkle, thrived at the KCAW kennel and quickly found great homes. But the mama (Lizzie) remained with Deborah at the kennel while a search was on for a forever home.

Then, one day when Deborah was driving near the airport, a puppy came into view, covered in sores and so emaciated he was stumbling into the road. Deborah stopped her car, gave him some food, put him in her car, and brought him home. The puppy grew and thrived....and fell in love....with Lizzie.

rescued dog
Kenny grew up fast and thrived at the KCAW kennel

Then, a nice woman contacted Deborah-she was interested in adopting Kenny. Great news! But what about Kenny's love, Lizzie? While the woman waited and prepared to bring Kenny home, she contacted Deborah again, wouldn't it be better to adopt 2 dogs, she asked. Well of course, and did Deborah have the perfect dog as a mate for Kenny!

2 dogs going home
Lizzie and Kenny going to their new home!

adopted dogs
Lizzie and Kenny at their new home

Acacia got in touch with Animal-Kind International:

Hello I am teenager. There's been two pregnant stray cats (about 1 year old) and a much smaller kitty with a broken leg. I'm reaching out and wondering if you can save them and take them into rescue.

Deborah got in touch with Acacia and went to her home to assess the situation and to bring food dishes and food for the three stray cats. It turned out all three cats were females, so immediately, Deborah arranged to get them spayed and to get vet care for the cat whose leg was broken.

taking care of kitties
Acacia and her mom with kitty supplies from KCAW

kitty with broken leg
Kitty with broken leg: Acacia got in touch to get help for 3 stray kitties

Acacia was very grateful for the help and told Deborah she is studying hard so she can be just like Deborah when she grows up!


From Deborah:

Brown Boy is part of a group of dogs that come to my gate every morning for breakfast. One day when Brown Boy was leaving my gate after I just fed the group, one of the gardeners who always walks with his machete chopped him on his neck. You can imagine the words that came out of my mouth. But the most important thing was to find Brown Boy, who fled. Anyway, I could deal with the gardener later and there are no legal actions I could have taken against him.

Brown Boy was missing for a few days. But when I found him, he was so weak from infection and blood loss he let me put him in my car (he never before let me touch him). I brought him to the KCAW kennel.

dog going to the vet
Brown Boy with a horrible gash on his neck (not showing the most gory pictures) - after 3 days hiding in the bush, he was weak and the wound was infected.

But then the next day when I tried to clean and dress his open neck wound he tried to take a chunk out of my hand. I guess a stray is a stray.

I muzzled him 3 times a day to dress his cut.

dog at KCAW
Brown Boy recovering at the KCAW kennel (The kennel-with 5 fully enclosed pens and an open pen, where BB is sitting-- were constructed thanks to a generous donation from an AKI supporter!)

I really didn't think he would make it but after a week on antibiotics and rich healthy food he was getting strong again. After a little more time went by I decided he was well enough to be neutered and I made an appointment for his surgery. But, shockingly when I went to check on him the next day, he was gone!!! He must have climbed right out of the kennel over the fence and pushed his was through a small opening in a fence to the side of the house.

Since then I hadn't see him for 2 days then yesterday there he was at my gate. Waiting for his morning meal.

His wound wasn't any worse and seemed to be closing. He ate like there was no tomorrow. I used the opportunity to quickly spray his neck before he snarled and snapped at me!! Boy what an ingrate!!!

street dogs
Brown Boy with his buddies having breakfast outside Deborah's gate. You can see Brown Boy in the foreground, his neck is healing well.


From Deborah:

My phone rings and it's an unknown number. I'm on my way to filming a shoot at TVJ studio and am late! I ask them what's it about and they tell me. I call and let the studio know I will be even later. This doggie was urgent. I collect the dog and find a caring and worried owner who can't afford to take him to the vet. I told her to put him in and off we went to the vet. He was admitted and treated.

injured dog
The injury the dog sustained when he got in a fight.

Shortly after my phone rings again and it's the owner to tell me her SECOND dog was also bitten badly and if I could come back for him. Omg.

So of course the answer is yes! He wasn't there when I left and only came back later. He was cut in the face and deep lacerations as well. I didn't take any pics of him as by now I am in panic mode and frantic to get to the studio. I drop off that dog as well to the vet clinic and rush to the shoot smelling of maggots and rotting flesh. I scheduled both dogs for neutering and they were both neutered last week! End of their mating fights!!

old street dog

From Deborah:

Rescued her from a yard in an area close to my home 13 years ago. She had 7 pups with her, struggling to feed as she had no owner. I took her home with her pups and now my beloved Whitey has left me. I put her to sleep yesterday. The tears came as they put the needle in her little paw and u think after doing this for decades u would grow a thicker skin. I buried her in my garden alongside my numerous other beloved pets.

Missed. And always loved. Whitey.


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