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Kingston Community Animal Welfare Update: April 2022

Let us take you along on some of Kingston Community Animal Welfare rescues and feeding routes--all of which are funded by you, AKI donors!


Deborah has been spaying and neutering and rescuing kitties from the Liguanea Country Club in Kingston. She had all the female cats spayed....except one, and this is the result. She's stopping there every day to feed them-thanks to AKI supporters, she has the money to buy and/or cook enough cat food to go around. Mama cat has been very elusive; Deborah is desperately trying to trap her before this happens again.


Deborah found out about this family (in the video below) on one of her regular feeding routes when she saw a mama dog searching for food and followed her. Deborah ended up at a backyard, with 4 puppies waiting for mama's return. Everyone Deborah spoke to there said that they only rented rooms and didn't own the mama dog. One tenant said that the dog came into the yard to find some place safe to have her puppies.

For a few weeks, Deborah stopped there every day to feed the family, but luckily one of the tenants seemed to like dogs and said she would help if KCAW provided the food. It's a deal!

They exchanged numbers and kept in touch. She contacted Deborah when food was low or if any of the pups needed medical attention.

Mama dog was spayed in January. Eventually, Deborah found homes for all 4 puppies!

See how happy those pups and mama were when Deborah would stop by--it's REALLY cute:


This is JD. He was hit by a car outside the entrance to the Jamaica Defense Force (JDF) Camp. Deborah was heading home one recent evening and spotted him lying on the side of the road. It was one of the busiest streets at that hour and nobody stopped. All the cars veered upon seeing him, some even cursing at him to get out of the way!

He was big, and heavy. Deborah stopped four men walking by, all said no they were not touching that "dirty dog"! But four young students were observing everything unfold from across the street and shouted to Deborah, asking if she needed help. YES! (Thank you!)

Deborah showed them how to lift him without hurting him. They were scared, but courageous. They got him into Deborah's car, and she took him to the vet. He was stabilized and resting comfortably when Deborah left him. He fought hard for his life and made it!

The four good Samaritans....Deborah took their numbers and made a small donation to their school fees. Watch the video to see the condition JD was in when rescued:


This dog (picture below) hangs out on a street corner where he begs for food from workmen on a nearby construction site. It turns out he had been doing this for months until Deborah saw him and added him to her weekly feeding list. One day when she stopped to feed him, she didn't see him--he was ALWAYS there before, waiting for his favorite meal of chicken, vegetables, and rice.

Just as Deborah was about to leave, he came running up to her (please don't leave with my food!) He was limping badly and shaking his head. That head shake--it's a sign of maggots --and yes, there was the wound on his ear, his entire right ear eaten through.

So Deborah got to work, put on her gloves, tethered him to a gate, and flushed out both ears with cider vinegar and then a saline solution, then soaked it with maggot spray. It took several visits a day to properly treat the ear. After a few days, Deborah tapered off, and finally, the wound was cleared up.

There have been far too many mama dogs, scrounging for food on Kingston streets, some with owners who let them roam and reproduce. As we've said before, it's just impossible to catch up, as often as KCAW gets dogs spayed, there are more litters born in Kingston.

On one of Deborah's recent feeding routes, she spotted this hungry girl searching for food and stopped to feed her. She ate all the food PLUS waited for more so Deborah broke into her emergency box and give her sausages. Look at those ears!

Deborah tried many times to trap this super sweet stray dog (below) who kept having her pups in the bush. Finally, SUCCESS! In the picture below, Deborah is taking her to be spayed. She still gets KCAW meals regularly. She's called Whisper.

Lucky that Deborah always holds back extra meat and rice after her daily feeding route. You never know who you'll run into who might need a meal. This mama was desperate for food one recent day and got one meal and then some.

And just a few days later, Deborah saw another hungry mama dog as she was heading home after her feedings. And again that extra food came in handy. She got seconds and thirds! Now she seems to hang around and wait for Debora because every time Deborah drives through that area, there she is. And now, Deborah always has a meal for her.

Back in February, this little kitty had been kicked in the head by a kitchen worker at a country club. Here she is in March (picture below), peaking out from under a cupboard in Deborah's kitchen where she likes to hide. After three vet visits and lots of love and physical therapy, she's now with her new mama and her (safe) forever home. She still has some trouble walking and falls down a lot and may never be quite 100% normal again but one thing is for sure is that this little girl, who only knew cruelty and fear as a tiny kitten, will now only know love for the rest of her life.

Her backstory: She was one of 4 kittens who Deborah was looking after at the country club, where she had set up a feeding station. One morning when Deborah arrived, she noticed that one of the kitties was unable to stand and shaking violently. But she was so hungry, she dragged herself toward the food. She had obvious signs of trauma to the head and neurological damage. Deborah grabbed her and rushed to the vet. Initially they didn't have much hope, but she had a strong will to live.

Eventually Deborah discovered that a worker on the property kicked her when she was begging for food too close to the kitchen area. Deborah spoke to the manager about him, but we're not sure if anything was actually done about it. (Photo below: Deborah taking the kitty to the vet)

Deborah got a text recently about a guy in August Town--a tough area-- with a dog who kept having pups and there were so many of them, the neighbors were planning to kill them. Neighbors said they were a nuisance. The person who contacted Deborah asked if she could help rescue them. Of course.

Success! Deborah got mama and another of his dogs and brought them to be spayed. Puppies were rescued.

A happy ending!


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