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Kingston Community Animal Welfare Update Nov 2021

Remember little Miltie? She was one of many kitties born to Junior at the Kingston tennis club. Deborah trapped Junior earlier this year and had her spayed. Miltie was the only survivor of her last litter-in December 2020. When Deborah found Miltie in January, she was a very sick little kitty. The vet diagnosed pneumonia. With the good care that KCAW provided, Miltie recovered and then Deborah found her a forever home--where you can see she has it made!

Miltie, when Deborah found her:

Miltie on January 13, when she was sick with pneumonia.

This tiny puppy, all alone in the bush, had it made when he found Deborah!


Deborah found a wonderful home for him!

The indoor kitties at Kingston Community Animal Welfare's kennel have it made too:

And the outdoor cats (in the KCAW outdoor pen, along with the dog pens, funded by one of our generous AKI donors!) have it made with all that nice green grass to roll in:

Old Girl has it made. Some dogs have lived on the street for so long, they do fine as long as they're spayed or neutered and if they're in Deborah's "network"-she brings food, people in the neighborhood watch over them, they get vet care if/when needed. Old Girl is one of those dogs who have it made, even though she's a street dog, she's lived to a ripe old age, and is enjoying her senior years:


Old Girl even gets to lick the spoon:


This semi-feral kitty knew what to do when he saw Deborah come by with food. He held up his sore paw. Deborah could see that it was swollen and she brought him to the vet. The paw was infected from an injury, it was treated, and the little kitty was neutered and released.

Deborah 1st saw "mange pup" in July when she was on one of her feeding routes. It's amazing that as much as Deborah moves around Kingston, she still finds new dogs who need help -or they find her.

She began visiting mange pup, and eventually met her "mange mama."

Deborah was finally able to get close enough to begin treatment. Here's "mange pup" in August:

And here's "mange pup" in September-not a "mange pup" anymore!:

Lucky for "mange pup"and "mange mama" that Deborah is persistent! Mange pup got a good home, and mama got spayed and is on one of Deborah's feeding routes as she drives around Kingston, feeding, checking on the cats and dogs, checking in with her network of helpers, and providing vet care, when needed (especially spay/neuter, which is always needed!).

So sad! One of Deborah's favorite dogs, Old Garage Dog, was hit by a car. From Deborah: "This darling dog got hit by a customer leaving the garage. The people there did nothing. Just left her. A few days after the incident, when I stopped by to feed and check the dogs at this garage, I took her right to the vet. Her shoulder was badly fractured and had begun to heal badly already. She was in so much pain and they couldn't guarantee she would walk again. Given the circumstances, we opted to send her to a peaceful place. She is free now and out of pain. Tears."

Even Old Garage Dog had it made--he didn't have to suffer any longer.

Animal-Kind International donors cover about 90% of the costs of KCAW's feeding, s/n, and vet care--thank you, you make this possible.


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