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Liberia Animal Welfare & Conservation Society: June Update

Our Partner Organization, Liberia Animal Welfare & Conservation Society, relies on our support (your donations) to fund their Mobile Animal Healthcare Clinics and for general operational support. Specifically, your donations have covered the salaries of two LAWCS staff (Animal Healthcare Officer Abraham Fofana and Office Manager/Bookkeeper Haja Talawallay) from January through May; medications and other supplies for the remote animal care clinics and the LAWCS clinic in Voinjama; gas and maintenance for one motorbike (January through June), which is the only way to reach remote communities in Lofa County; office/clinic rent (January through June); and feeding of two rescued LAWCS office cats.

Without this support, LAWCS would be unable to do what they do so well: interact with remote communities, providing the only available animal healthcare (for free) and educating people about how they can best care for their pets.

In March, LAWCS Animal Healthcare Officer visited five communities and treated 712 dogs and 8 cats. Treatments include rabies and parvo vaccinations, flea, tick, and mange treatments and prevention, wound care, ear and eye care, nutrition supplements, and other basic care.

animal care clinic
One of the March clinics: education is always a big part of LAWCS' clinics.
animal care clinic
Some of the human and dog clients at a March clinic

In just the first week of May, LAWCS visited five communities and provided general

veterinary care to 289 dogs and 10 cats.

animal care clinic
A clinic in early May: Abie talks to community members about caring for their pets
humane ed
May clinic: When LAWCS visits, it is the only opportunity to learn about good pet care

Later in May, Abie visited seven communities where 576 dogs and 21 cats were treated and as always, pet owners and Abie discussed the basic needs of animals and responsible pet ownership.

animal care clinic and humane ed
May clinic: Dogs and their owners benefit
One of the remote animal care clinics - May
animal health care
A May clinic: Usually the whole village attends, if they have a pet or not
animal health care clinic
May clinic: all remote animal care clinics are funded by AKI donors!

Abraham (Abie) Fofana is the LAWCS Animal Healthcare Officer. He visits remote communities and provides the only healthcare services for dogs and cats -- all with the

support of AKI. LAWCS is the only source of animal healthcare in Lofa County, Liberia, and Abraham is the one responsible for caring for the thousands of animals helped during these clinics.

cat getting vaccinated
Abie vaccinates a kitty

animal care clinic
Thank you to our donors-because of you, Abie and LAWCS are able to reach so many cats and dogs in remote communities!

Founder & Director of LAWCS, Morris Darbo, wrote to us: "On behalf of LAWCS, the animals and people we serve, we are sincerely grateful to you, the board members and supporters of AKI for the continued financial support that is contributing to critical aspects of LAWCS` programs in Liberia. LAWCS can't effectively operate without an office, and AKI has been paying the rent for LAWCS office for years and our animal healthcare program for 2023 has been funded by AKI as has the payment of two key staff. We are so grateful for the support."


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