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Liberia Animal Welfare & Conservation Society October 2021 Update

Liberia Animal Welfare & Conservation Society-helping people help their animals

With your donations, we're able to support LAWCS's Humane Ed Program, Community Animal Care Clinics, LAWCS Feeding Program, and LAWCS clinic in Voinjama. This is how LAWCS uses your donations:

And this is what LAWCS has been able to do-in August and September-thanks to you!

In early August 7, LAWCS held community animal care clinics in 5 communities in Voinjama District, Lofa County. They provided flea and tick medication, mange treatment, wound care, and demonstrated good practices in dog feeding. They treated 158 dogs and cats at these clinics (pictures below).

feeding comunity dogs
LAWCS Dog Feeding Program

Again, at the end of August, LAWCS traveled to remote communities (check out the crazy road conditions-that's why we've funded LAWCS to purchase motorbikes and we cover maintenance costs too), where they provided free general animal care - the only available animal healthcare in the region (pictures below).

Fording a river to bring animal care to remote communities

At one of the clinics at the end of August, the LAWCS team found this very sick dog (picture below). The team thought he may have contracted distemper. They were able to get him back to the LAWCS clinic, where they treated him and gave the owner very specific directions on how to care for him. And according to reports from the owner, it seems he has recovered!

Here's how LAWCS Humane Ed Program changes kids and improves animals' lives. This is Peter and his pet dog Bush. The dog was trapped by a snare and may have been stuck there for up to 2 days before he was found and released. Peter's father wanted to sell the dog to dog meat eaters to end Bush's pain and suffering. But Peter couldn't allow his pet dog to be sold for meat. He immediately called on LAWCS to intervene to save his dog. LAWCS treated the dog, made sure he was out of pain and could function on his own, and once fully recovered, he was returned to Peter, who loves his dog Bush as much as he ever has. Peter is a member of an after-school club, a LAWCS Animal Kindness Club.

LAWCS celebrated World Rabies Day (September 28) in Liberia by vaccinating over 500 dogs and cats along with a massive awareness campaign about rabies. Morris said, "We believe that spreading the facts about rabies along with a vaccination exercise for dogs and cats will help tackle the fear and negative information about rabies."

The fear spread by misinformation is the source of so much suffering by dogs-people have been known to do very inhumane things when they believe-often wrongly-that a dog has rabies and is a danger to the public. Also, when people don't know what to watch for, many humans (often children) suffer from bites and rabies, which, in Africa, usually results in death.

Pictures from LAWCS World Rabies Day Celebration:


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