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Liberia Animal Welfare & Conservation Society: Update

Here's what you made possible for our Partner Organization, Liberia Animal Welfare & Conservation Society, during the last half of 2021:

With AKI funding, LAWCS held Community Animal Care Clinics at which 1,118 dogs and 32 cats in 32 villages in Voinjama, Foya, and Zorzor Districts were given rabies and parvo vaccinations, treated for internal and external parasites, injuries and skin problems, and provided other basic care. LAWCS treatments are always free, thanks to the support of AKI donors.

animal care clinic
At this October 2021 animal care clinic, 122 dogs and cats were treated

LAWCS works in impoverished areas, where people are unable to afford vet care. No vets practice in the areas where LAWCS works (Lofa County), so without LAWCS, pet owners would have no recourse if their dog or cat got sick. Everyone is extremely grateful when a LAWCS Animal Care Clinic comes to town!

dog and vet
At LAWCS Animal Care Clinics all treatments are provided free of charge.

With AKI funding, LAWCS provided animal welfare education to 1,310 animal owners who attended Animal Care Clinics.

humane ed
Abie discusses good animal care with pet owners who come to the LAWCS Animal Care Clinics.

Also with AKI funds, LAWCS printed humane education materials that reached 414 children in 11 schools in Kolahun District (Lofa County) with messages of compassion for animals and people, and they sponsored fun projects, like dog wash day.

washing a dog
Animal Kindness Clubs, after-school clubs, consisting of LAWCS Humane Ed students, host community events like dog washing day.

washing a dog
Dog washing day

Dog washing days demonstrate to pet owners how easy it is to keep their pets healthy, clean, and free of ticks and fleas.

Funding from AKI also covered:

  • LAWCS office rent for 6 months, from July to December 2021 (and prior to that, from January through June 2021).

  • Monthly compensation for three LAWCS staff for 7 months, from June to December 2021 (and prior to that, from January through May).

  • LAWCS dog and cat feeding program, including daily foods for two rescue animals (a cat and dog) who stay at the LAWCS office.

  • Fuel and engine oil for two of LAWCS motorbikes for 5 months, June to October 2021 (and prior to that, from January through May).

Thanks to you, LAWCS has the funding they need to carry on with their important work for animals that has transformed the way people in Lofa County treat their pets.


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