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Morocco Animal Aid provides food & vet care with a grant from AKI

Morocco Animal Aid's grant request was for:

  1. "Providing a food supply to the 550 cats and dogs currently in our care. It is the most basic but most important need for our animals when they arrive at our shelter. Many animals arrive underweight and in additional to medical care, nursing them back to a healthy weight is essential for a successful recovery and their overall physical health.

  2. Weekly veterinary visits to ensure that animals who are ill or need urgent care are checked by a certified veterinarian who will assess the animal completely and ensure an effective treatment and recovery. Large numbers of street animals are involved in road accidents, are victims of abuse and/or have severe illnesses that can be fatal if they go untreated. MAA rescues several animals a week that are in need of urgent medical attention which goes beyond the capacity of our team."

MAA also requested funds for rabies vaccines, but we asked that instead, they move the funds from there to veterinary consultations and medical care.

MAA's project lasted from September through December, during which they used AKI grant funds to feed 500 dogs and 50 cats (along with other donations for food that they received, separate from the grant).  

shelter dogs waiting to be fed
Hurry up, we're hungry! --waiting for the AKI-funded dog food

some of the Morocco shelter dogs
Dog Love at the MAA shelter

In total, from September through December, the grant provided vital medical care to 20 cats and dogs in need (some street animals, some owned by people unable to afford the care).

In December:

·       A community member brought a female cat to MAA because she was unable to stand. She received a consultation and x-ray because it was suspected she had a fracture. Fortunately, the fracture was minor and she only needed medication and rest.

resting kitty
Kitty needs rest and is expected to recover fully

·       A female street dog had a swollen stomach and was unable to walk. She was brought to Dr Hafida's veterinary clinic, where the poor dog was found to have dead babies inside her. She desperately needed surgery to remove them and all the toxic tissue. The community member who reported the dog contributed to the surgery and the AKI grant covered the rest. 

sick street dog
Poor thing was very sick-this community dog had dead babies inside her!

·       A community member brought a female cat to MAA because she had a high fever, was inactive, and had no appetite. She was seen by Dr Mohamed Dehbi for a consultation and treatment, and with meds and rest, should be fine.


·       Community dog Zouina received an x-ray and consultation. The x-ray showed that her heart is too big; she will need cardiac food, no salt in her diet, and medication every day to control the situation. MAA is now trying to find a home for her as she very much needs a calm and quiet environment, and life-long treatment.


·       Dog Aline received a fourth and final round of chemo. She was diagnosed with sticker sarcoma, which is highly contagious. The vet now believes she is cancer free.


·       A female cat was brought to MAA in very bad condition. Unfortunately, x-rays showed both her hips were dislocated and she passed away. 

injured cat
Injured by a car, and sadly passed away

·       A male dog was brought to the MAA shelter with a suspected fracture in his legs or hips. He was in distress and crying. At the veterinary clinic he received an x-ray which showed that the head of his hip bone is broken (that's very painful!) The vet is confident it will fuse and with rest and pain killers will heal.

·       A female dog was brought to MAA for a consultation. The x-ray showed three breaks, yet she was able to walk on her own. With rest and care, surgery will probably not be needed.

injured dog
Three breaks in her leg!

·       MAA took a paralyzed male cat to the vet. His x-ray showed no breaks but lots of inflammation. With time and extra care he will fully recover from his injuries. 

injured cat
Paralyzed, but a full recovery is expected

·       Lewis was very unwell and Dr Hafida Arij carried out two tests. Lewis tested positive for leishmaniasis and ehrlichiosis, and received a 28 day treatment, after which he will return for a check-up:

·       A female cat needed a general consultation to evaluate her health. She had a very bad flea infestation and was given parasite treatment.


During November, the third month of this grant:

·       MAA provided a consultation for a street cat who was a victim of a car accident. She had an extremely infected jaw and was in critical condition when brought in. She is on medication and rest.

·       Yara, a female dog with a broken leg, was brought to MAA. She received medication to decrease the infection and pain before deciding on whether surgery was needed. After a check-up, Dr Hafida Arji believed she will recover fully and not need surgery.

injured dog
Yara, lucky dog won't need surgery; her leg is expected to heal fully.

·       Aline, diagnosed with sticker sarcoma, received a third round of chemo.  

dog with sticker sarcoma
Aline-after this one, only one more chemo treatment

·       Bryn, a young male dog who was in a car accident, received a medical consultation and x-ray, which showed that his tail was broken. He was given painkillers and was monitored at the clinic. No long-term effects are expected.  

dog with injured tail
Bryn, with a broken tail--we expect lots of wagging soon!

During October, the 2nd month of the AKI grant project, Dr Hafida Arji treated the following animals at the veterinary clinic of Agadir:

·       A small female black puppy (only 4kgs) had a swollen abdomen. The x-ray showed nothing but fluids, and the results of the blood analysis to check her liver were normal. She received flea treatment and the fluids were drained.

 ·       A puppy needed an x-ray. Results showed she had a broken radius and cubitus/ulna, which is expected to heal on its own with rest and isolation. She also received flea treatment.

injured puppy
She'll recover fully and will be a healthy, happy puppy!

 ·       An injured female cat received a vet consultation and x-ray, which showed she had a broken pelvis. With rest, she's expected to fully heal. She was given special food and was de-wormed and received flea treatment.


·       A cat with a huge tumor on her head was brought to MAA for urgent medical care. The vet decided to remove the mass and give her a chance to recover. The AKI grant paid for the consultation and x-ray. 

cat with a tumor
She now has a chance to lead a long, healthy life!

·       A young female dog was hit by a car and needed an x-ray urgently. She was in agony. Both legs were broken, as well as her hips. She has had two x-rays and was scheduled for surgery the next day to fix her horrendous breaks with pins. Sadly though, she passed away the day before her surgery. Her injuries were just too extensive.

During September, the 1st month of the grant project, a 10-month-old puppy, who arrived at the MAA shelter in Imsouane, with a broken front leg, received vet care. Because the break was on her shoulder, she was unable able to have surgery and the break is expected to heal on its own. (She's now doing very well at the shelter).

injured puppy
Puppy arrived at the MAA shelter with a broken leg


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