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Sauvons nos Animaux-Animal Friendly Camp 2022

Every summer since 2016--when the Sauvons nos Animaux shelter in the DR Congo opened its doors--Paterne has held a summer camp for local kids. The Animal Friendly Kids Summer Camp is a chance for the kids to see the shelter (none of whom have ever seen an animal shelter before--except for those who have been to SnA's shelter previously) and to learn about cats and dogs. It's also a great way for kids in and around Bukavu to spend their school breaks, when-like everywhere- there's little else to do, but lots of trouble for kids to get into! (pictures below: some of the kids, counselors, and dogs at summer camp).

The summer camp lasts for six weeks. This year, 243 young people, aged 7 to 14 years old, are enrolled in camp. To better work with them and teach them, the kids are divided into two groups. (pictures below: a group of younger camp kids spend time with SnA shelter dogs)

Camp activities include dog walking, grooming, animal welfare training, coloring, and games. The kids learn how to do things around the shelter like make dog and cat food and feed the animals, safely clean up the cat and dog enclosures, socialize the animals, and other important aspects of volunteering at a shelter and helping animals. (see pictures below of camp activities)

Thank you to the SnA volunteers and staff for organizing and managing this amazing event, which we are positive has changed the lives of many children, cats, and dogs in eastern DR Congo since 2016. You can help us raise money for next year's summer camp and donate to Sauvons nos Animaux here. THANK YOU!


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