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Special Stories from SPCA Grahamstown: Spay/Neuter Saves Lives

From SPCA Grahamstown we bring you these stories of special animals and their people, kind, generous donors, and the lifesaving work that SPCA-G undertook with the grant from AKI.





Biscuit from Khayelitsha was brought in to be spayed on the 28th September but was running a temperature and did not look so good. She was hospitalised and put on a drip for 2 days before being spayed. Her uterus was the strangest shape and had ‘stuck’ to her colon. Biscuit had a heavy worm burden and was terribly emaciated. She had had so many litters that her body was feeling the strain.

With her owner’s permission, Biscuit returned to the SPCA Grahamstown to recover. She was dewormed and received a Nexgard for skin parasites. It wasn’t long before this sweet girl crept into the hearts of our staff, volunteers and visitors! She was exercised in the runs and tucked up in bed at night in the clinic building.

Biscuit slowly started to put on weight and after a final health check at the veterinary clinic, Biscuit went home on the 27th October, much to the delight of her owner and the neighbourhood dogs. The SPCA team will monitor Biscuit to ensure that she continues to stay well.

Thank you, Animal-Kind International, for saving Biscuit’s life!

Picture: VALA – Biscuit returned home after 4 weeks at the SPCA





Myopho was brought in to be spayed on the 11th October. Myopho had a very bad case of mange and received a ‘spa’ treatment of Efazol at the vet clinic. Thank you to Grahamstown Vet Clinic for sponsoring the Efazol!

As part of the AKI grant project--Project Vala, Myopho also received a dewormer as well as a Nexgard for skin. She also had a rabies vaccination and went home with a bag of dog food, sponsored by a kind donor.

Thank you, Animal-Kind International, for not only sterilizing Myopho and sparing her many more litters, but also improving her health and well-being with much needed mange treatment!

Picture: VALA – Day 7 – Myopho receiving mange treatment at vet clinic





The SPCA Grahamstown came across Sweety in Nkanini. She was very well cared for and much loved and her owner was desperate to sterilise her to prevent any further litters and keep the male dogs away. Sweety was sadly diagnosed with severe TVT (transmissible venereal tumours) which can be passed on by dog to dog during mating.

Sweety needed a course of antibiotics as well as 8 weekly treatments for TVT at the vet clinic. Her treatment and costs were discussed between the SPCA Grahamstown and her owner and a very kind donor stepped in and offered to pay towards her TVT treatment with her owner pledging to pay the balance.

Sweety was spayed the next day, thanks to Animal-Kind International and their donors. She returned to the SPCA Grahamstown for post-op care and to ensure she received her antibiotics. Sweety started her TVT treatment on the 1st November. Thereafter the SPCA Grahamstown will transport her every week for the next 7 weeks for further TVT treatments.

Sterilization saves lives!

Picture: VALA – Day 12 – Sweety with TVT before her spay


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