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The AKI-Uganda SPCA Pet Food Fund: Feeding the Hungry

What do cats and dogs who are rescued from difficult situations need most? Vet care, sanctuary, nutritious food (and water), and love. And not necessarily in that order. The USPCA has a vet and assistant who provde the care; they have 2 shelters to provide sanctuary; the staff and volunteers give them love; but who provides the food?

During the last few years, many of the companies that used to donate food to the USPCA (torn bags of cat and dog food, left over restaurant food) no longer donate; some closed down during covid. In these difficult times, some found other ways to make use of previously donated food.

In coordination with the USPCA, we decided that one of the best uses of AKI funds would be to provide a reliable source of nutritious food for the 350+ cats and dogs in the USPCA's care. Even before getting needed vet care, before appreciating love and sanctuary, an injured (emotionally or physically) animal needs food.

At times this past year, because of financial constraints, the USPCA has had to scrimp on food-we want to make sure that NEVER AGAIN will they have to do that, that never again will a USPCA cat or dog be hungry. The USPCA Pet Food Fund was created to make sure that every dog and cat at the USPCA's 2 shelters gets plenty of nutritious food. They may not have a forever loving home, but they will have food to fill their bellies and to bring them back to health. Thanks to a very generous donor, we've named the USPCA Pet Food Fund the USPCA's Elaine Law Memorial Pet Food Fund.

dog with mange
In November, this dog was removed from his home and brought to the USPCA Haven for treatment for mange. He was also malnourished when he arrived at the shelter.

This mama and her 10 puppies were rescued and brought to the shelter for their safety and to ensure they had plenty of good food for mama to recover her strength and for the puppies to grow big and strong and healthy:

rescued tiny kitten
This kitten was rescued all alone in the world. At this age, he needed kitten formula, often beyond the means of the USPCA to afford, and feedings every couple of hours.

In late September, this mama and her puppies were rescued from Bugolobi in the middle of a rainstorm. The family added several more mouths to feed at the Haven:

This dog was rescued from a hole/open manhole on the sidewalk:

dog in a manhole
The hole was too narrow and deep, he couldn't escape. By the time he was rescued, he was a hungry and thirsty boy!

Alex rescued this scared little malnourished puppy and brought him to the Haven. He had a horrible gash on his head, his fur was dull and skin so dry. He needed immediate vet care, fresh water, and nutritious food for a full recovery:

At the end of October, Alex rescued these 2 dogs who were left behind by their owner when he shifted. They were left with no food or water, we don't know for how long, but you can clearly see their ribs-you know they must have been very hungry and thirsty.

At the end of November, the USPCA was called for another latrine rescue! As usual, it was a young animal, and like most, it was a kitty who fell into the latrine. The poor thing was there for about 5 days before someone finally called the USPCA for help:

He was a hungry kitten by the time he was rescued, but the 1st order of business was a bath! Then tied for 2nd place.....he got some love and food.

Imagine all the hungry mouths that the USPCA Pet Food Fund will fill!


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