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The Uganda SPCA Haven & the Covid-19 Pandemic

The USPCA Haven was quick to adjust to Uganda's covid-19 restrictions, but especially during the strict lock down phase, it wasn't easy for staff, the dogs and cats, and all of us who were so worried about them. In this video, Alex Ochieng, Haven shelter manager, speaks with AKI's Karen about how the USPCA managed during lock down.

The USPCA learned several lessons from the lock down and the pandemic. The main one: NOW is the time to find and purchase land so The Haven can be a safe and comfortable place for the many cats and dogs who are in need of a haven at this moment or in the future; it is never too early to prepare for a future crisis.

And if you can help by donating any amount, little by little, with your support, we are confident we will reach our goal! Thank you.


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