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We sent Have A Heart-Namibia a covid-19 relief disbursement!

Geesche (Have A Heart-Namibia) told us that the AKI-HAH Emergency Fund was depleted. Especially since covid-19 and Namibia's lock down, HAH-Namibia has received so many requests to help cover vet bills (Before approving the use of the AKI-HAH Fund, Geesche reviews each request, makes sure the patient's owners are good pet caretakers, and ensures that the cat or dog has been or will be spayed or neutered.) So we sent a covid-19 relief disbursement to replenish the Fund.

Here's how HAH-Namibia has used the AKI-HAH Emergency Fund through 8 June 2020 (there's still plenty left!)

This poor dog was not happy! See the 2nd photo below and you can see why.

Ou Spike's owner, Shahida Isaks, requested help to pay the vet bill to extract the abscessed tooth. Geesche agreed to use the AKI-HAH Emergency Fund to pay for the surgery. Surgery went well, and Ou Spikes, who lives in Kalkrand, Namibia, is a much happier dog now. (In case you're wondering the cost for such a surgery, about US$30! Yes, a shocking difference compared to the cost in the US!)

Clowey, who lives in Swakopmund, had a dislocated femur and her owner needed help to pay for the surgery. Again, Geesche reviewed the request and agreed to use the AKI-HAH Emergency Fund to pay the vet bill. The pictures below are of Clowey during surgery and recovering after surgery. (How much did this surgery cost? A bit more than the molar extraction, almost US$90.)

Rex's owner brought him to the vet clinic in Swakopmund, where they discovered that Rex had a broken leg. Vet Nurse Sheelagh saw the desperation in the owner's face as he asked for help, so Sheelagh sent a request to Geesche to see if help was available from the AKI Fund. Geesche agreed to cover the cost of surgery.

While Rex was at the clinic (photo below), he was also neutered, vaccinated, and treated against parasites. His family (the Rickerts) visited him every day while he was at the clinic. Finally, Rex Rickerts was sent home for a joyous reunion with the Rickerts' family.

Rex's xray showing a broken leg

On May 30, Geesche was contacted about a sick dog. The dog's owner was out of work due to covid-19. The man said, "Bella is sick, she needs help, I don't know what to do anymore." The man lives in Rehoboth, Namibia, where he cares for 10 animals and 6 human family members. Geesche offered to cover the cost of Bella's vet check up. Then it turned out that the man had another dog, Snowy, who also needed to be seen by a vet. Snowy had been hit by a car and couldn't walk. So Geesche arranged for both Bella's and Snowy's care.

Bella at the Rehoboth clinic-a very sick doggy
Snowy at Rehoboth clinic-hit by a car, coudln't walk

A volunteer stepped forward to transport the 2 dogs to the vet. When he picked up Snowy and Bella, he also checked the other animals-5 dogs and 3 cats. They all look good, he reported! (HAH will make arrangements to get all the family's pets sterilized.)

It turns out both Bella and Snowy couldn't receive all the help they needed in Rehoboth (it's a small vet clinic, there's no xray machine for Snowy, and Bella needs specialized tests). So they both needed to go Windhoek. 

Donations came in to transport the dogs to Rhino Park Clinic in Windhoek. (2 pictures below are Bella and Snowy being transported in comfort and style!)

After being checked, tested, and observed at Rhino Park Clinic, on June 2, Bella and Snowy went home. Bella has severe tick bite fever but is responding well to medication. Snowy won't be able to walk without help and a volunteer offered to build a "wheel lietjies" -a small wheelchair for her.

Geesche expressed hers and the family's gratitude to our AKI donors: "Thank you so so so much to Animal-Kind International! The desperate family of Snowy and Bella, who love those two and their other animals so much, just got a heavy load taken off of their shoulders! It is the worst feeling for a caring and loving pet owner to see their animal suffer and not being able to get help, simply because of the lack of money.... I'm sure tonight they will sleep a little better."

And just as one emergency ended, a new one began. On June 1, the Swakopmund SPCA contacted Geesche about a desperate dog owner, Victoria, with a badly injured dog, Sparky. Sparky had run off, his owners heard dogs fighting, and when Sparky returned to them, he was badly injured.

To get the vet care he needed, the owner would need help to pay Sparky's vet bill. Geesche agreed to use the AKI Fund for Sparky. The SPCA transported Sparky to the vet, where he was given an xray (picture below). Sparky immediately got pain medication, a big bandage, a good meal, and his operation was scheduled for June 2.

Victoria was thrilled that Sparky could be helped. Plus that he would be neutered, vaccinated, treated against parasites, and get a vitamin injection. No more running off after girl dogs for Sparky! The surgery on June 3 went well and Sparky will soon go home to his loving family.

All of these happy stories were made possible thanks to HAH-Namibia, Geesche's vigilance, the generous volunteers, and our AKI donors who support the AKI-HAH Emergency Fund. Thank you!


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