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Fun Learning at Trust Academy, Ghana

[Note: AKI supports Ghana SPCA's humane education program. We provide funds so GSPCA can photocopy the Animal Welfare Manual and each student can have his or her own-about US$3/manual; small stipends for HE teachers; transport costs for GSPCA's David and Aluizah so they can visit schools during start-up and then mentor teachers during the semester; and for field trips.]

Trust Academy, in Accra, Ghana, is one of the pioneer schools in the Ghana Society for the Protection and Care of Animals' Humane Education (HE) programme. The school just ended another course in the HE lessons.

After eight and more weeks of teaching and learning the HE manual, it was time to test the knowledge of the students. (See picture above with Nana, the HE Teacher in the striped shirt.)

The contest was captioned: fun learning. For this, a quiz was organized

to bring the successful HE lesson to a close.

Pupils were paired up and oral questions on the HE lessons were put

before 29 pairs of students to answer. Students showed such mastery

of knowledge in answering all questions. In the end no pupils dropped

out of receiving an award.

Cards with animal pictures and descriptive messages in them were

the prizes for the students. All 59 students went home with greetings

cards. [These were donated by AKI donors!)

At the tail end of the contest, difficult questions were presented to the

entire class. This time round, individual students who were able to answer

a question within a limited time frame had a pair of socks awarded

to him or her. In the end Lydia Agyeiwa Yankson (pictured below) received the highest gifts as she was able to answer the questions

before the specified time. She was awarded two pairs of socks and greetings cards.

(Below is Esther-right, Zainab-left, both of whom answered difficult questions correctly.)

The new kid on the block was form student called Richlove Nartey (see below picture with Aluizah). Even though she didn't win many prizes, she displayed brilliance and zeal!

Students were thrilled and demanded a repetition of the event.

(Lydia is on the left -above-showing her prizes.)


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