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Ghana Society for the Protection & Care of Animals gets back to work after covid-19 lock down

On Saturday, September 12, with covid-19 safeguards in place, Ghana SPCA held a community rabies clinic. Ghana SPCA and the Ga East Vet Clinic partnered to bring the clinic to an area called Dome-Konca in the Ga East District of the Greater Accra region. A total of 113 dogs and 6 cats were vaccinated against rabies.

This is one of the community projects that the Ghana SPCA is focusing on for the rest of 2020 and will continue beyond, as funds allow. Their focus will be on poor communities with high numbers of domestic animals, where pet owners have no other access to vet care, including rabies prevention. In these communities, rabies is a significant concern. Many people, mainly children are bitten by dogs and if rabid, death is certain.

Often people suspect all dogs of carrying rabies, and that ends up resulting in many cruel actions taken against dogs. Of course when a dog has rabies, it is a horrible, tortuous disease.

Ghana SPCA, in collaboration with various partners, from school children in Animal Kindness Clubs to vet clinics to government veterinary officers, will work to control this disease. Together, they will educate people about how to identify rabid animals, how to act around them, and thereby, aim to minimize human and animal suffering.

Below are pictures from the September 12 community rabies clinic.

rabies vaccination
Ghana SPCA President, David Nyoagbe, in white shirt
rabies vaccinations
The Rabies Vaccination Team (minus Aluizah, who took the picture)


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