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Diana & Bully: A Ugandan Love Story

When Diana returned back home to Germany from Uganda, her friends and family warned her, “Do not send money to the shelter [The USPCA Haven]....[how will you know it] is used for the right purpose?” Luckily, Diana had faith in the USPCA and wasn't willing to leave Bully behind in Uganda. And the Uganda SPCA came through for them! Here's her and Bully's story.

In 2010, my boyfriend and I made some days off in Kingfisher Resort/ Jinja. There we found Bully, He was a puppy, living from everything the tourists gave him.

The manager of the resort told us that they "have to take him away" if annoying the tourists (whatever that meant exactly).

We had no clue how to bring him to Germany so we decided to leave him there first with heavy heart. A few days later, a friend showed us the advertisement of the USPCA in "The Eye Magazine." I immediately contacted Dr. Alex and drove to the shelter, just 5 minutes away from our flat. Dr. Alex told me that he had experience organizing all the necessary papers to take animals to Europe, so we could take Bully with us and he would arrange everything.

The same evening, I grabbed a few stuff and went back to Jinja on my own by matatu, my boyfriend being back in Germany by then. Very worried that Bully would not be there anymore. But he was!!!

So I slept there one night, went back by matatu to Kampala and took him to the shelter. That was in October 2010.

In April 2011, we were reunited in Schipol/ Nederlands. It was the luckiest moment in my live and Bully remembered me! Everything was worth it, after a lot of moments of fears and tears.

Our friends and families told us to forget him because we would never manage to bring him to Germany. They said, “Do not send money to the shelter...who knows if the money is used for the right purpose.” But we trusted and we did it!!!!

Dr. Alex and the USPCA showed us to believe in the wonderful nature of humankind. I thank them so much for all their help.

Do not leave your pets behind when you move on, they will be heart broken. Contact the USPCA and Dr. Alex, they can and will help you. So our story, fitting to the time of the year: Happy Easter to you, all your beloved and the little ones!

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