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Uganda SPCA: 2015 Report

[Animal-Kind International donors cover operating costs for the USPCA Haven, including salaries, rent, transport and cell phone service so Haven staff can respond to cruelty and injury reports, vet supplies-for spay/neuter surgeries, for example, shelter supplies, Haven infrastructure repairs and improvements, and other priority needs. Without AKI donors, The Haven would be unable to help so many animals-Thank you to AKI donors for making this possible!]

The Haven is always FULL, no matter how many adoptions we have, their places are soon taken by others.

The USPCA promotes sterilization of dogs and cats

1-We feel strongly that overpopulation of dogs and cats should be controlled

by sterilization. Last year we held seven clinics in different places and a total

of 518 animals were vaccinated and 254 were sterilized. It was a big number compared with the year 2014. The Uganda SPCA conducts spay/neuter in

slums area around Kampala when funds are available. This program has gone

bigger as people keeping calling us for help.

2-We rescue animals which are abandoned, homeless, lost, or victims of cruelty. We provide care and a safe environment until either they are reclaimed or

rehomed to carefully vetted new home. Total number rescued last year was

196 dogs that including puppies. And total adopted was 170 dogs adults and puppies (see pictures of adoptions below). (We will report on cat numbers soon. We are still calculating them.)

By bad luck 4 dogs returned back at the shelter. Late last year we got some

problems of parvo which caused us to lose puppies at the shelter.

Adoptions of dogs and cats are on the rise but The Haven is still full!

3-Builders have been busy since last year constructing new kennels (see picture below). The pups will be happy in the new kennels as they get completed over the coming weeks. Thanks to the ever reliable fundraising team, and Animal-Kind International, whose support has been invaluable.

4- We respond to many calls even at night including reports of

cruelty or abandonment and advising owners on pet care. We received

several complaints about dogs making noise all the time. We advise most

of them except one in Ntinda which give us problem and we already give

them warning letter. But the rest are resolved.

5- We have a program with local children which come to the shelter

every Sunday and public holiday for education. We started with the low

turn up but now the number has grown to 30 children.

[Picture above: Alex with children who visit the USPCA Haven on Sundays, taking some time to play with Haven dogs]

6-Visitors – Last year is the year we recorded the highest number of visitors to The Haven. (See picture below of one of our visitors.)

7–We have quite a number of volunteers who helped us a lot last year for

walking dogs, washing and also building new boxes for pups (see picture below).

Painting dog houses

Volunteers walk Haven dogs

We had more visitors in 2015 than any previous year!

Currently we have 148 animals at the shelter that we are caring for.

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