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Ghana SPCA: Hands-on Humane Ed

[The April 19 post about the Liberia AWCS humane ed project describes the background to AKI support for Ghana SPCA hands-on humane ed as well. The application, design, and planning processes described in the LAWCS post are the same as those used by the GSPCA. AKI agreed to fund a total of ten humane ed projects in Ghana-nine in and around Accra for $100 each; and one in Zebilla, Upper East Region for $300. To continue to fund projects like these, we need your support!]

As of April, three out of a total of ten of Ghana SPCA's humane ed projects have been successfully completed, two in Accra and one in Zebilla (reported on in a March 30 blog post-the 77 students in the Zebilla humane ed class held a rabies clinic for dogs and a rabies and wound care clinic for donkeys).

Seven of GSPCA’s clubs are still in the planning phase, and we'll report later on those projects.

These projects are often the only chance students get to experience what it's like to be an animal advocate, and hopefully that feeling of helping animals will remain with them the rest of their lives!

Trust Academy (Accra)

55 students, 11-15 years old, in the Kindness Club

On 19 March 2016, Trust Academy Kindness Club held a community rabies

vaccination clinic on their school grounds (see picture above and pictures below). Prior to the clinic, Kindness Club pupils advertised by placing posters (picture below) around the neighborhood and speaking to community members

about the clinic, rabies, and getting their dogs and cats vaccinated.

On the day of the clinic the pupils arrived early and returned to the community to

remind them of the clinic.

The following is the breakdown of animals vaccinated at the clinic:

23 dogs: 12 females and 11 males

16 cats: 6 females and 10 males

Kwabenya Atomic (Accra)

17 members, 12-17 years old, in the Animals Care Club

On 12 March 2016, Animals Care Club members embarked on an awareness

creation campaign in the Dome Pillar 2 community close to their school. In

preparation for the campaign, they photocopied 110 Care Guides for Dogs, 100

Care Guides for Cats, and 30 Care Guides for Fowl. The group was able to reach

out to 51 dog owners, 68 cat owners, and 20 bird owners (see pictures below).

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