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Your donations at work for Uganda SPCA

Are you wondering if your support can really make a difference for dogs and cats in Uganda, and the people who care for them? It certainly can!

Without AKI donor support, plain and simple, the Uganda Society for the Protection & Care of Animals would not be able to rescue so many dogs and cats, provide the treatment they need, and their daily care --good food, meds, fresh water and LOVE.

If you're wondering if your support really has an impact-it sure does!

Because of AKI donors, the Uganda SPCA can pay rent and salaries.

Do you want to see the results of your donations? Well, you can!

AKI donors covered the construction of 3 1/2 dog pens and one cattery! The USPCA pens went from looking like this:

to looking like this:

And thanks to AKI donors, USPCA Haven staff went from wearing uniforms like this:

Geoffrey modeling the old staff uniforms

(The dog in the picture was pregnant when she arrived at The Haven.)

Mary modelling the old staff uniforms

to wearing uniforms like this:

USPCA Haven staff in their new uniforms

USPCA Haven staff in their new uniforms

Are you wondering what the Uganda SPCA does with your donations? With AKI you can find out just how the USPCA has used your donations!

Between January and the end of March, your support to AKI for Uganda SPCA has:

Covered salaries for one month for Haven staff:

Alex Manager

Henry Field officer

Mary caretaker

Jackline caretaker

Geoffrey caretaker

Plus additional for Manager Alex

Fed 16 dogs @$1 per day for 40 days

posho, meat, mince, bones

Puppies/kittens special food for 2 months

silver fish, rice, milk

Covered the cost of spay and neuter at the shelter for 3 months

11 females and 11 males

Paid the vet allowance for 3 months

attending to sick animals at the shelter

Paid for medicine for 2 months

Cocktail for dogs

Dog drontal

Rabies vaccines


Parvo vaccines



Savlon antisep

Syringes 2mls

Syringes 5mls

Cotton wool

Paid rent for 1 month

Covered transport for 2 months to attend to rescue, including checks up
















Paid for propane/fire wood for 2 months

to cook dog food

Paid for airtime for 2 months

to get in touch with people in need of help, coordinate rescue, field work, education program, etc.

And covered costs for

electricity for 2 months

cleaning material for 2 months

disinfectant for kennels

soap for cleaning kennels

sacks for packing and taking poo away

cat litter for 2 months

I'm glad you asked! If you're still wondering if support to AKI for Uganda SPCA can make a real difference in the lives of dogs and cats in Uganda....send me a message, and I can tell you about even more USPCA accomplishments and uses of AKI donor funds.

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