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Ghana SPCA ramps up humane ed

We previously wrote about AKI's support for Ghana SPCA's student-led, hands-on animal welfare projects (see AKI Blog Posts: March 30 & April 19, 2016). The 2016 student projects have now ended, and this is the final report.

With help from Ghana SPCA and financial support from AKI (US$100/student project), Ghana SPCA's Kindness Clubs organized a range of projects. In previous blog posts, we reported on Trust Academy's community rabies clinic, Kwabenya Atomic MA5's community awareness raising, and Kukuruzua Humane Group's Vaccination and Treatment Day for donkeys and dogs (this student project, the only one in Zebilla, Ghana (Upper East Region) received US$300 because of the many dogs and donkeys that had never received any vet care).

Here's how the remaining school clubs helped animals in their communities.

1. North Legon School Complex's project took place on June 3 and 4. First, on June 3, the Kindness Club members organized a day for animal welfare at their school called, “Treat Them Well.” During this event (two pictures below), the students talked about basic animal care for dogs, cats, and other domestic animals. The students had a chance to ask questions, a quiz contest was held, and story books (previously donated by Animal-Kind International) were given out as awards for correct answers.

North Legon's "Treat Them Well" Day

"Treat Them Well" Day

Then, on June 4, the Kindness Club organized a community vaccination clinic at their school during which 36 dogs were vaccinated.

Community rabies vaccination clinic

Community rabies vaccination clinic

2. Kwabenya Atomic 3 & 4 Junior High School: On June 30, the Kindness Clubs developed and gave a presentation on animal care and rabies awareness to the students at the school. The students distributed leaflets about rabies, held interactive lessons, and held a contest to write about and draw their pets.

Drawing and writing contest

Rabies Awareness Presentation

3. Kwabenya Atomic 1 & 2 Basic Schools Animal Kindness Clubs briefed Kwanbenya MA 5 about animal care. This not only served to increase awareness among the students, it was also an opportunity for students to test their knowledge and practice their techniques for discussing animal welfare and care with community members.

Kwabenya Atomic practices animal care messages

Once all projects were completed, GSPCA organized the final ceremony, held on July 23, at which the three Accra-based schools (Trust Academy, Kwabenya Atomic (5 clubs), and North Legon) participated. Students from Kukuruzua school were unable to attend because of the distance. The ceremony gave the students a chance to report on their projects, to meet each other and talk about Kindness Club activities, and to have a fun, learning experience!

Boarding the bus to go to the ceremony

GSPCA Director David at the final ceremony

Richlove, Ruth, & Olivia of Trust Academy tell the other students about their student-led humane ed project.

Twins Jessica and Jocelyn Afriyie of Kwanbenya 3 & 4 brief the gathering at the final ceremony.

Madam Elizabeth, Humane Education teacher at North Legon School Complex, addresses the gathering

Madam Bernice of Kwabenya, M/A 5 Humane Education teacher, addresses the gathering

And that's not all! The Ghana News Agency published this great article about Ghana SPCA's work and the student projects that you can read at this link:

Thank you AKI donors for your support. Together, we will make Ghana's next generation a kind one for animals. Please consider supporting this important initiative.


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