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Visiting the Uganda SPCA Haven

I was working in Uganda (for USAID) from August 20-September 5, and I spent my 3 weekends visiting The Haven, the USPCA’s shelter. It made me proud-once again-that AKI can support the USPCA.

The Uganda SPCA Haven Team

I loaded up most of my suitcase with supplies for the USPCA: items that they can sell at The Haven shop at the shelter (leashes, collars, cat toys—all donated by AKI donors!), a new camera, some vet supplies (sutures, syringes, gauze, and more), gifts for Haven staff (shirts for the guys, nice blouses for the women), and our AKI disbursement (#2 of 2016).

Thanks to AKI donors, I was able to bring lots of supplies

On my 1st day in Uganda, I went straight to The Haven. It was great to meet the new staff and to see my old friends, Haven Manager Alex Ochieng, Mary, and Jackline. In the 1st picture, you might notice some new faces. Samanya Samuel, in the red button-down shirt, was hired to replace Agidi Henry. Dan (black shirt) used to work nights, but now he's joined the day time staff. Morris is new to The Haven, and now works nights. Ashraf in the plaid shirt was a temporary volunteer, but is no longer at The Haven.

I also got to witness some wonderful adoptions, including 2 puppies (1 pictured below) and 2 cats to the same family.

A puppy gets a loving home!

I saw the new cattery-paid for by an AKI donor (below picture), and the new dog kennels, 3 1/2 paid for by AKI donors.

The cats are enjoying the new cattery

New pens at The Haven

I also saw some dog and cat friends, who I knew of from USPCA reports to AKI. Like Police, who tried to scare cattle thieves, and was hit on the nose for that. Police's owners couldn't afford vet care, so she ended up at The Haven. She had surgery, but the injury never quite healed. Recently, an xray showed that the injury should heal with appropriate treatment, which she is now getting.

Police's injury is now healing

Of course, I visited with Hope and Nelson, the most well-known Haven residents (Hope was run over and is paralyzed, Nelson is missing half of a front leg and half of a rear leg, both are very happy at The Haven, where they've lived for 7 years.)

Hope and Nelson love attention

For quiet time, I went to the cattery, where about 20 cats have toys and hiding places, and for the more social ones, there's opportunities for lots of play.

The cattery offers hiding places, toys, & scratching posts

And I saw what a lifesaver the USPCA is. This little puppy was chased by some boys into a ditch, and luckily someone saw that happen, rescued her, and brought her to The Haven. Her skin was really bad, so Alex started her on mange treatment.

New puppy at The Haven gets a bath

This dog was starving when rescued by the USPCA-he couldn't even walk, he was so weak. In this picture, he's gained strength and put on some kilos--he's looking so much better.

Dog almost starved to death

I'm proud that AKI can support these lifesaving efforts. AKI donors pay for Haven salaries, dog and cat food, rent, transport for rescues, propane to cook dog and cat food, air time for staff calls, electricity, cat litter, spay and neuter and other vet care, including a % of the vet allowance.

It takes a lot of money to take care of over 180 animals--which is how many dogs and cats were at The Haven when I left on September 5. We need your help to make sure no dogs or cats get turned away. You can donate and designate the USPCA here:

If you're in Uganda, I highly recommend a trip to the USPCA Haven! I met my new best friend there, Bruno (pictured below, Mary is giving him a bath). He was so shy and submissive, but then we put him in with younger, smaller dogs, and he blossomed. Then, when Jennie from the UK visited The Haven, just a week after I left, she fell in love with Bruno also, and found him a great home in Kampala (picture below, Bruno is sleeping on his cushy bed at his new home).

Mary gives Bruno a bath

Bruno at his new home

Meanwhile, until you can visit The Haven yourself, here are some videos that will make you feel like you're there:

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