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Ghana SPCA Takes Humane Ed Students to University (thanks to AKI donors)

AKI donors are the sole supporters of the Ghana SPCA Humane Ed Program. Donations support reproduction of the Animal Welfare Booklet for every Humane Ed Program student, mentoring by GSPCA HE volunteers of Humane Ed teachers, and one of the most popular activities: field trips. Thanks to your donations, Ghana SPCA has been able to take Humane Ed students on 4 field trips/year for the last 2 years. The two most recent field trips were to the Livestock and Poultry Research Center (LIPREC) of the University of Ghana Farms in Accra, the first trip on 25 November and the second on 2 December.

LIPREC was established in 1954 as a unit of the University of Ghana to conduct research into poultry and livestock rearing. A total of 150 pupils and 10 teachers from 5 schools and GSPCA volunteers David and Aluizah went on the 2 field trips to LIPREC. All 5 schools also participate in GSPCA's Humane Ed Program:

  • North Legon School Complex

  • Trust Academy

  • Amrahia Adma Basic

  • Kwabenya M/A 5

  • Kwabenya 3 & 4 JHS

During the field trips, students had the opportunity to learn about raising and caring for pigs, chickens, goats , sheep, horses, and donkeys. They held baby goats and chickens (the most popular part of the field trips!) While part of LIPREC's role is to conduct research on how to best raise animals for food, the Center also promotes good animal husbandry, humane farming practices, and non-factory farming. Most important for the students, they learn about how to best provide care for animals, all animals (not only cats and dogs), and that animals need to be respected (even those raised for food).

The pictures below are from the 2 field trips.

HE students hold baby goats on their most recent AKI-sponsored field trip

HE students hold baby goats on their most recent AKI-sponsored field trip

HE students learn about pigs during their recent AKI-sponsored field trip

Research Center staff led students through the farm and explained the work of each unit of the Center.

AKI donors covered all costs of the field trips, including bus hire for the 2 trips (about US$650), snacks for the 150 students and 10 teachers, and transport for teachers and GSPCA volunteers to the departure location.

These field trips can be life changing experiences. Prior to supporting field trips, the GSPCA's Humane Ed Program was entirely classroom teaching. Now, students get hands on, experiential learning. The field trips are meant to give students a new perspective on animals; many of the students hear, for the 1st time, from people who work with animals, that they need our care, deserve our respect, and should be treated kindly.

Aluizah, GSPCA Humane Ed Volunteer, made this video of candidates telling their classmates why they deserve their vote to lead the Zebra Kindness Club, the Humane Education Club at Trust Academy in Accra. The video is a great example of the impact of GSPCA's Humane Education Program. And an added bonus, all the candidates are girls! It's a fun, short video, enjoy:

More pictures from the fields trips below:

Interested in supporting Ghana SPCA's HE Program? Go to this link on the AKI website,

or get in touch with me at

Thank you very much!

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