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USPCA, KCAW, GSPCA, LAWCS: How they spent disbursement 1-2018

Here's how 4 of our Partners spent AKI funds--the amounts reported on are about 2/5 of the total amounts that AKI will send to each of these Partners during 2018.

Uganda SPCA: Disbursement 1

Feeding 25 dogs @$1 per day for 60 days

Feeding 20 dogs @$1 per day for 40 days

posho, meat, mince, bones

Puppies / kittens special food for 3 months March to May

silver fish, rice, milk

Rent for months of April and May


for rescues for 3 months March to May

Nakawa, Makindye, Lubowa, Setta, Entebbe, Kikaaya, Kampala

Kawempe, Gayaza,Munyonyo, Garuga, Makerere,

various home visit to check on adopted animals

Fire wood 3 months March to May

to cook food for dogs

Electricity for 3 months March to May

Medicine for 3 months March to May

Rabies vaccines

DHPPIL vaccines

Parvo vaccines

Syringes 2 ml

Dog shampoo



litter for cats for 3 months March to May

Alex Bonus June 2018

salaries, Alex supplement salary from March 2018 to June 2018

March, April, May, June 2018

Alex supp accounts from November 2017 to October 2018

Kingston Community Animal Welfare: Disbursement 1

Surgeries & other vet care (Spay and Neuter: * Spays done at ISNN low cost s& n program. I now pay US10 )


*'Female cat

*'Female cat (Kitten)

*'Female cat

*'Female cat

*'Female cat (Kitten)

Adult Dog female

Adult Dog female

Adult Dog female

Young Dog male

Young Dog female

Young Dog female

Pup ( 8 month) female

Young Dog female

Young Dog female

*Vet care/ Medical Treatment

* Pups with Parvo virus. Maggot wounds. Adult dog with massive ear hematoma

Animal Feed

10 Bags Pet Rice

Raw Meat 55lbs

65 Dry Cat Food LRG Friskies

Wet Cat Food- Friskies 80 tins

Medicine & Vet Supplies

*3 LRG Bottles Triatix) to treat Sarscoptic mange/TICKS $36 per bottle

*Prazivet PLUS 8 packs (Each holds 20) $24.5 per pack

ECTOLINE $23.4 Maggot Spray 5 tins

Wound Powder 9 bottles (small) $3.33 per bottle

Ghana SPCA: Disbursement 1

TRANSPORT-2 field trips

Bus hire to LEMLA 23rd June, 2018

Bus hire to LEMLA 30th June, 2018


Snacks for 85 students and 4 teachers for the two trips

T&T for Aluizah to & from schools

Three schools went on the two field trips with four teachers

Amrahia Adma Basic

North legon school complex

Kwabenya m/a Basic 5

Liberia Animal Welfare & Conservation Society: Disbursement 1

A. Names of Volunteers compensated for March to July, 2018

1. Alex Karama

2. Mustapha Daboh

3. Aaron Kamara

4. Abraham Fofana

B. Community Animal Feeding Program

1. Kissi Quarter Feeding Program

2. Vonema Town Feeding Program

3. Kugbemai Town Feeding Program

4. Koinyanmai Town Feeding Program

C. Basic Medications for Community Animals

1. Multivitamin

2. Alcohol-base hand sanitizer

3. Mebendazole

4. Vitamin B Complex

5. Flea and Tick Repellent

6. Hand glove

7. Medication Box

D. LAWCS Office Rent for July to December, 2018

1. USD 35 X 6 months

E. Gas/Maintenance of 2 LAWCS bikes for April to July

1. Kolahun Bike: USD 70 X 4 months

2. Community Outreach Bike/Abraham: USD 70 X 4 months

F. Teacher Training Program (25 teachers + 4 LAWCS staff + the District Education Officer)

1. Meals

2. Humane Education Booklet for teachers

3. Transportation for the 25 teachers

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