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Mdzananda Animal Clinic: Grant Progress Report 1

Mdzananda Animal Clinic is located in the Khayelitsha township outside of Cape Town, South Africa, where there are 130,000-300,000 cats and dogs and where most people are unable to afford even the most basic animal care. AKI's grant to MAC is for purchase of cat and dog food for sick and injured animals who are being treated in the MAC hospital.

1. Overview The Mdzananda Animal Clinic received funding from AKI to the value of $500 at the start of November 2018. This grant has been allocated to assist our Inpatient Care Programme and Shelter Programme and would cover the cost of food used in our clinic’s hospital, theatre, and stray unit.

2. Programme Implementation In the month of November we treated the following animals in our Inpatient Care Programme and Shelter Programme:

Hospital: 58 pets (53 dogs, 5 cats) Theatre: 175 pets (127 dogs, 48 cats)

Stray Unit:21 pets (13 dogs, 8 cats)

During November we received a large number of food donations thanks to kind individuals donating in-kind during the lead up to the festive season and end of the year. As a result we did not need to purchase general cat, dog or puppy food. We did however purchase much needed Hills A/D food which is a special diet for ill and recovering pets in our theatre and hospital.

For the month of November we purchased Hills A/D to the value of R4800.74 ($334.08) 120 tins – R1846.44 96 tins – R1477.15 96 tins – R1477.15

These are photos of some of the animals who needed the special A/D diet and benefited from AKI's grant.

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