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A Story of 2 Mbwa wa Africa-Tanzania Rescues

This AKI Blog post is about 2 injured dogs who were in need of significant care: AKI donors provided the funds for vet treatment, AKI Partner Mbwa wa Africa provided the loving attention they needed to recover.

In early February, Mbwa wa Africa started to receive pictures and videos of an injured dog who was seen around Arusha (picture below). The information coming into MwA was confusing. They were told the dog had been on the street in this condition for 8 months (yet she was a very young dog). They were told she had owners who recently threw her out. No one seemed to know her real story, but Mbwa wa Africa knew she needed help.

MwA found the injured dog and brought her to the shelter to monitor her for a few days. They named her Giselle. Giselle's right hind paw was smashed, the bones exposed and infected (picture below) - an amputation seemed the only option.

The surgery went well (picture below of Giselle post-surgery), but unfortunately Giselle developed epilepsy after the operation. With the right medication, MwA was able to get her seizures under control and she hasn't had one since.

Then it was time to turn their attention to getting Giselle to learn to walk. At that point, she wasn't yet using her remaining leg and wasn't walking. MwA knew though that Giselle was happy to be safe and cared for (2 pictures below) and that it would take patience to get her walking again.

Then, in mid-March, Giselle started using Akili's wheelchair. It was a slow and difficult process for her to learn to use it. But once she did, Giselle was able to walk and play with the other dogs (picture below).

Mbwa wa Africa's Sandra sent this note: "A big thank you goes to our Partner Organization Animal-Kind International! They helped to cover the vet bills and care for this special Lady and without their help and their wonderful supporters we couldn't do what we do and Giselle would still be suffering on the streets - or worse..."


Someone tried to steal a chicken one night in early February and slashed the resident dog, Scooby, on her back with a panga (machete). The cut sliced open her back muscle, luckily without injuring her spine, but left a big, open wound (picture below).

Scooby lives with her owner David, a few kilometers from the MwA shelter. David brought her to MwA to get help. They could hardly believe it when she arrived at the gate. The wound was horrible, but Scooby kept her spirits up and was happy, friendly, and patient.

Petra, a visiting vet from Germany (picture below), took Scooby under her wings, which was so fortunate for Scooby because she needed 3 operations and 6 weeks of daily wound management, as well as a lot of love of course.

It also helped Scooby to have her new friend Giselle with her (picture below).

But finally it was time to say goodbye to Scooby-her happy owner David was thrilled to finally be able to take her home.

From Sandra: "A huge shout out to Petra, who did so much for sweet Scooby (and many others at Mbwa Wa Africa!) Without her commitment she would have probably died a slow and painful death. And a big thank you also to Animal-kind International, without their ongoing support we would not be able to help dogs like Scooby, whose owners can’t afford the vet bills or what it takes for the recovery."

Two Mbwa wa Africa rescues-helped by a Partnership between AKI and MwA!


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