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AKI Partner, Mbwa wa Africa in Arusha, Tanzania, thanks our AKI supporters

Thank you Animal-Kind International! As many of you know, Mbwa Wa Africa is the home to an ever-increasing number of different-abled animals. Some are paralysed, some double-or single-amputees, some born with deformed limbs and some very old on top of that. We love them dearly and you can admire them in the picture collage below. But they have only a very slim to no chance to ever find a home apart from Mbwa Wa Africa.

Our goal is not only to 'keep them alive', but to give them a life and to make them feel loved and fulfilled. That this is the right path we are reassured every day by their joy and zest for life and whoever is in doubt of that is more than welcome to visit us and meet them!

We really can’t see them as ‘waste of resources’, but caring for 12 special need-dogs (14 actually, but two already joined our personal pack) next to the ‘normal’ shelter inhabitants requires some extra costs of course!

Once the cute puppies and kittens are rescued and the terrified street-cats and dogs are safe, the work continues. There is so much to do behind the scenes......

We are fortunate enough to have wonderful local dog carers working with us. Together we make sure that the animals are fed properly and in time, that they get exercise and care they need and the whole shelter is clean and functioning.

And we are lucky enough to be supported by Animal-Kind International and all the marvelous donors of that amazing organisation! Because of AKI we know that we can pay our animal caretakers' salaries and that we can buy dog and cat food tomorrow. We know that we can give Taji, Babu, Akili, and all the others the lives they deserve to live -thanks to you!

We said it before and it will always be true – and even more in these hard times that affected all of us: nothing we do, we can do without you! If you are living in the US-or elsewhere- and want to support us via AKI, or AKI in general please check out their website


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