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In Ghana, AKI Donors Support Field Trips, a Rabies Vaccination Clinic, & More

In the last 6 months, Ghana SPCA took Humane Education students on 3 field trips. These field trips are funded entirely by our AKI donors! GSPCA also supported rabies education and helped organize a rabies clinic. And during these last 6 months, GSPCA continued to oversee and support Humane Education in schools in Accra and Upper East Region. -All of this is thanks to AKI supporters!

On April 5, GSPCA took 45 students and 1 HE teacher from Kwanbenya Basic 5 to the Ghana Atomic Energy Vet Clinic. Although the name might be intimidating (or even misleading), the vet clinic is like any other vet clinic; it gets its name from the area where it's located.

Students learn about rabies prevention at Ghana Atomic Energy Commission Vet Clinic

On May 18, GSPCA took 40 HE students and 2 teachers from Trust Academy to Lemla Vet Clinic. The students watched dogs getting groomed-by the look on some of their faces, I think this was really surprising to see! They visited the surgery rooms and learned about the types of cases that vets deal with. They toured the pet shop, where you can buy all kinds of supplies for cats and dogs (another surprise for most of the students). These field trips give students a chance to learn about careers that involve animals (and perhaps some of them will decide on one of those career paths) and the students see what it means to take good care of pets (something they are unlikely to see otherwise since-for the most part-dogs are still considered as guards only and cats as mousers).

Students watch a dog being groomed at Lemla

Students learn about dog grooming

A Trust Academy student comforts a dog before his bath

Wow! This is how to get over fear of dogs. (Look at the faces of the 2 boys on the right)

Students learn about some of the work involved in being a vet

Students are shown some of the pet supplies that are found at Lemla

On June 4, GSPCA took 40 students and 3 teachers from Legon School Complex to La Vet Clinic. La Vet Clinic has hosted so many GSPCA field trips, they are masters at this by now! The students watched as a dog was bathed, they visited the surgery area and learned about various vet treatments, and they met the staff. We're sure some of these Legon students will become vets, vet assistants, and dog groomers, and of course, animal welfare advocates!

Legon students watch as a dog is bathed

Students pretend to be vets

Legon students say thank you to La Vet Clinic, GSPCA, and AKI donors!

GSPCA arranged for 3 vets to visit St. Dominic school and present information about rabies prevention.

Rabies Education

St. Dominic students were treated to an interactive presentation on rabies prevention

But not only that! After the St. Dominic students learned about rabies prevention, they organized a free rabies vaccination clinic for the local community! The presentation and the clinic were funded by AKI donors. Watch the video of the clinic below (videographer: Aluizah Amasaba, the GSPCA Humane Ed Specialist).

For a quick view of how Ghana SPCA used YOUR donations during 2019:

Thank you, we are so grateful for your support!


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