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LAWCS Strengthens the Human-Animal Bond, Thanks to AKI Donors!

Here's a "snapshot" of how AKI Partner Liberia Animal Welfare & Conservation Society used donations to AKI during 2019. But to get the full picture of what this means, see the stories below about how the LAWCS Humane Ed Program, Animal Care Clinics, and LAWCS close relationships with the communities is strengthening the bond between people and pets.

AKI supports LAWCS Humane Ed Program, which strengthens the relationship between Humane Ed students and their family pets. Joseph is a perfect example of this: In Humane Ed class, Joseph learned how to take care of and train the family dog, Peace. He told the class that because of what he learned in the HE Program, his relationship and love for Peace has grown, they've become great friends, and Peace is a friendly, happy, and healthy dog. Joseph brought Peace to school to show his friends how a strong bond between human and animal is healthy and fun for everyone. (Pictures below of Joseph and Peace)

Mary Sahr is a member of an after-school LAWCS Animal Kindness Club. Guided by LAWCS Humane Educators, the most interested and enthusiastic Humane Ed students form Animal Kindness Clubs to take what they learn in Humane Ed class and put it to work in their communities and at home. Mary and her friends were out doing Community Outreach Animal Welfare work when she saw a little puppy in very bad condition. She asked the puppy's owner if he would give her the puppy to take home. The owner agreed. Mary named the puppy Lucky, and they have become best friends. Mary brings Lucky along with her to educate other children and adults about kindness to and compassion for animals. (Pictures below of Mary and Lucky)

Sarah also learned about care and compassion for animals through the LAWCS Humane Ed Program. She had never had a pet until she participated in the the Humane Ed Program. When Sarah saw a dog that desperately needed help, she rescued her and took her home. Sarah named her new dog, Baby, and as you can see from the pictures below, Sarah and Baby have become great friends.

All of this happens because the LAWCS Humane Ed Program is fun and interesting, and because LAWCS staff are great role models in their communities. Below are more pictures of LAWCS HE students with their pets (pictures from Dec 8, 2019).

Animal care clinics (rabies vaccinations and other basic care) is another LAWCS program supported by AKI. LAWCS marked this year's World Rabies Day with a Rabies Vaccination Clinic in Kolahun, Lofa County on September 27. Prior to the clinic, LAWCS spent one week raising awareness at schools and in communities about rabies and the benefits of the vaccination clinic.  LAWCS purchased 500 vaccines and vaccinated 200 dogs and cats. They continued the vaccination exercise in Foya and Voinjama until all the vaccines were finished. (See pictures below)

But then in December, we received this news from LAWCS:

"We have a rabies situation in Kolahun District that needs our urgent support. During the celebration of World Rabies Day, we were only able to vaccinate dogs and cats in Kolahun City not in the other villages and towns in the District. From September to present, there have been 4 reported dog bite cases including an 11 years old girl who recently died. Because of the death of the 11 years old girl, the City Mayor ordered the killing of all dogs in the street. We immediately went to him and told him that the killing of dogs will never reduce or stop the spread of rabies because after a few months, people will start to bring in dogs from various locations and the dogs are not vaccinated. Secondly, dogs also suffer from rabies so killing all the dogs is wrong and will send a negative image about the District and the country. He listened to us and we promised to solicit support to get rabies vaccines for the dogs and cats. We want to get some rabies vaccines and do massive awareness and vaccination programs in many villages in Kolahun District."

About 1 week later, LAWCS told us they got 100 rabies doses from Kenya at US$2/vaccine including transport and vaccinated 100 dogs and cats (see pictures below). But of course, 100 dogs and cats is just the start. AKI is sending funds for LAWCS to purchase more rabies vaccines, but the need continues and we welcome your support!

Although the sadness of the rabies outbreak put a damper on December's festive feeling, for the most part, it's been a great and successful year for LAWCS. Morris Darbo (LAWCS Founder & Director) sent this message (and pictures below): "The animals of Liberia say a big thank you to AKI for the substantial support in 2019 and wish you, the board members, and supporters of AKI a wonderful holiday celebration.


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