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Liberia Animal Welfare & Conservation Society-Cat Awareness Day

There's World Cat Day on February 17; Hug Your Cat Day on June 4; Black Cat Appreciation Day on August 17; and Cat Appreciation Day on October 29 (although the dates seem to be pretty flexible and none seem to be celebrated worldwide). Liberia Animal Welfare & Conservation Society takes kindness to cats seriously, and expanded their celebration to 1 week.

During the 1st full week of January 2020, LAWCS celebrated Cat Awareness Week. During that week, LAWCS staff talked to families and students about cats, raised awareness of their needs, how they help communities stay rodent-free, and our role in caring for cats.

In Liberia, cruelty to cats is often rationalized because of a widespread believe that cats are witches. So LAWCS works hard to dispel that belief. LAWCS showcases the beauty of cats and their value as pets-that they can be as loving as dogs.

These pictures from Cat Awareness Week 2020 show that LAWCS is having success spreading the word about being kind to cats.

AKI donors fund LAWCS Humane Ed Program in schools and communities and LAWCS Animal Clinic, the only basic animal care available in Lofa County, Liberia.


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