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Transitions: Uganda Society for the Protection & Care of Animals in the 2nd half of 2020

The USPCA continues to deal with many rescues and pet surrenders with fewer adoptions than normal due to continuing effects of covid-19. Even faced with this difficult situation, the USPCA team does a heroic job, day after day, helping so many animals in need. Here are just a few of the recent cats and dogs whose lives were turned around by the USPCA staff.

Max's owner abandoned her on the street in Lweza because he could no longer afford to feed her. The USPCA was alerted to Max's condition, and they rescued her on August 7 (picture below at The Haven).

Just one month later, on September 7, the Human Development Center adopted Max, Simba, and Happy. As you can see, the 3 dogs will have plenty of playmates. Myra helped to introduce the dogs to the boys at the Center and explained how to feed the dogs, to always have water, how to treat them gently, etc. (Max is on the left in the foreground):

Nimo arrived at The Haven in 2019 with this strange split paw-he couldn't really use his front leg because of it; it was more like a claw (picture below). Still, he was the sweetest dog!

In September, after his leg was amputated (removing the risk of injury to the paw/claw), Hannah adopted Nimo (she had been fostering him). She renamed him Satu (he's pictured below with Hannah's other dog, adopted from the USPCA, Nya). Thank you Hannah!

The USPCA team rescued this boy (pictured below) on October 23 from Ntinda. By December 3 he had transformed into a healthy beauty and he was ready to be adopted (before/after pictures below).

At the end of November, two kitties were rescued on one day from different locations. The USPCA rescued the kitten (1st picture below) from a gutter in Kololo, where she had gotten stuck. They rescued the other kitty from Nsambya after getting a report that she had been attacked by dogs. The pictures below are on the day of rescue. Out of immediate danger, they both quickly recovered under USPCA care.

In July 2020, the USPCA rescued this young boy from Makindye, where he was almost dying of starvation and lack of care. By Sept. 28, Alex reported that he had gained weight, was doing well and regained his health, and was ready for adoption (before/after pictures below).

Alex rescued this kitty at the golf course in Kololo on November 8. On November 30, after being treated for mange, she had physically and emotionally recovered and was ready to be adopted (before/after pictures below).

Black was neglected by his owners-he was living in a dirty cage and his beautiful hair was a matted mess. On December 6, the USPCA visited the home in Naalya Estate and the owner agreed to give Black up (picture below, Black's arrival at The Haven).

At The Haven, Black was bathed and the matted hair was cut off (he probably lost half his weight after the wash and grooming). Life will just get better and better for Black!

Rose has an amazing story. Her legs had been tied together and the rope must have been on her long enough to dig into her skin and cause bad scarring that you can still see on her ankles. Obviously she couldn't reach any food and she was starved. On November 16, the USPCA team rescued Rose and brought her to The Haven. She let us cut off the rope (I was there at the time) and immediately she transformed into a happy, loving dog. Watch the video below, where you can see Rose sharing her space with chickens at her foster home.

Rose enjoying life at her foster home......

So many transitions, from such sad circumstances to happy lives. We're so grateful that the USPCA staff is always there for the animals. And we're equally grateful to the people who come to The Haven to adopt cats and dogs. Like this brindle beauty, who was adopted on September 28 to a family who will love and care for her. She had been rescued a few months before wandering in the road, homeless, loveless. Now she's starting a new life with her family (picture below).

Given the USPCA's track record, we're sure this doggie has a bright future ahead of her. On December 1, early in the morning, around 6am, a call came into the USPCA phone. A concerned person reported a dog shivering alongside the Kabalagala-Kibuli road. The USPCA team rescued her and brought her to The Haven, where she is currently transforming into a healthy, happy dog (picture below, when the USPCA found her on the road).

We're also grateful to USPCA supporters who have contributed to all of this lifesaving work. Here's how the USPCA spent your donations to AKI in 2020:

Next, we're looking forward to one of the most important transitions in the USPCA's 23 year history.....a move to a new plot of land, for a transformation to an expanded Haven. We're hoping 2021 will see this wish come true.


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