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Uganda Animal Shelter Adoptions, Rescues, and More

AKI supports Uganda SPCA's rescued animals by raising money for USPCA's priority needs: a pet food fund, support for shelter staff salaries, and general support for the USPCA's two shelters. Thanks to donations from our supporters, we usually provide about 50% of the costs to operate the USPCA's shelters--which would be impossible for the USPCA to raise from fundraising within Uganda. (Read more about our USPCA Partner Organization here.)

The most important update about our Uganda SPCA Partner is that longtime USPCA Haven Shelter Manager, Alex Ochieng, has resigned from the USPCA and has gone on to other pursuits. It's a tough loss. For many, Alex has been the face of USPCA, and for many animals, he has been their savior. But the USPCA has other dedicated staff and volunteers and the organization, the USPCA's two shelters, and their rescue, spay/neuter, and education work in communities will continue on. We wish Alex all the best.

Alex Ochieng, ex shelter manager, left the USPCA
Fairwell Alex, off to new adventures

The other big update is that the USPCA has secured their registration allowing the organization to own land (the new shelter location). We can now move on to the difficult task of obtaining the environmental permit required to continue building structures at the new USPCA location and to finally transfer all USPCA animals there. For now, and until we are granted the permit, only 50 animals can be kept at the site. But step-by-slow step, we are getting there!

Let's move on to more lighthearted news! Here's how your donations help AKI help Uganda SPCA's rescued animals.


We have some important updates about adoptions at the Uganda SPCA animal shelter. We've seen several adoptions over the last few months and we are very grateful to everyone who has taken a USPCA pet into their home.

In early April, Kintu Reshid adopted this kitty.

This kitty was adopted from the Uganda SPCA shelter
Kintu adopted this sweet little girl kitty!

Also adopted in early April was this sweet big-eared dog.

This dogs was adopted from the USPCA shelter
Bernadine & family adopt a USPCA dog

And yet another kitty was adopted in April!

This kitty was adopted from the USPCA shelter
Severus adopted a USPCA kitty in early April

These are adopted USPCA animals and their new families from earlier this year:

Two puppies were adopted from the USPCA shelter
Two puppies adopted from the USPCA shelter!

Dog is adopted from the USPCA shelter
This lucky dog is getting a great home

2 dogs adopted, one adult, one puppy
An adult dog and a puppy go to a home together

A beautiful black dog gets adopted
A new home for a very lucky dog!

Two puppies adopted to the same home
Two puppies will have a great home together

A dog gets adopted from the USPCA shelter
Finally, going to a real home!

A cat gets adopted
Lucky kitty gets a home


We also have important updates about the Uganda animal shelter's community work. Scooby who was brought to the USPCA shelter in March to be treated for TVT and then neutered, and returned to his family.

village dog taken for treatment
Scooby with transmissible venereal tumor is taken to the USPCA for treatment

Also in March, this family, whose white dog had previously been spayed by the USPCA, contacted the shelter to have their other dog, the brown one, and their cat spayed. Isn't that a great sign that people learn what a lifesaver spaying is?!

family's dogs spayed
The USPCA previously spayed their white dog, now it's time for their other dog and cat to be spayed!

Of course, the Uganda SPCA animal shelter is busy rescuing cats and dogs--that never changes and here are some important updates about their rescue work.

In early April, Rensen Barasa from the Serena Hotel was so kind to put this mama and her kitten in a box and get a ride to the shelter. He explained to the staff that no one looks after them and he was concerned for their well-being.

2 rescued kitties
Barasa took the time and made the effort to bring 2 kitties from Serena Hotel to the USPCA shelter

On April 23, this emaciated dog was found roaming around Kololo looking for food. He must have been without a good meal for many days! Thanks to Bindu Thakrar for bringing him to the USPCA shelter where he is getting vet care for his skin ailment and getting plenty of food, which will help him regain his health.

rescued dog
Bindu rescued this emaciated dog, now at the USPCA Haven

People bring animals to the Uganda SPCA animal shelter all the time, and sometimes they are carried in interesting ways and brought for interesting reasons. The USPCA takes them all!

These boys brought a gift for Eid to the USPCA.

boys bring a box to the USPCA
In early April, these 2 boys came to the USPCA gate with a gift for Eid.

What a surprise when the USPCA staff opened the box and saw a beautiful little kitty! The staff profusely thanked the boys for having kind hearts for animals.

stray kitty now safe
They wanted this stray kitty to have a safe home

Mr Abdul was concerned about cats running free around his neighborhood and he wanted to bring them to a safe place before someone brought them harm. What a good role model Mr Abdul is!

carrying cats in plastic bags to turn over to the USPCA shelter
Mr Abdul came to the USPCA with a sack in each hand

The kitties were transferred from bags to a crate before getting a check up and entering the general population.

rescued kitties
Mr Abdul rescued these 2 kitties and brought them to the USPCA Haven


As we mentioned previously, when we were told that getting enough food for the USPCA's >350 cats and dogs was the biggest challenge that the USPCA faced, we created a pet food fund, the Elaine Law Memorial Pet Food Fund, named after a wonderful friend of AKI and a true animal lover.

We love knowing that with our help, the USPCA's cats and dogs, most of whom have already been through far too much sadness in their lives, will get as much nutritious food as they need to recover and thrive.

When you do, you'll know that you are the one who helped put the food on the USPCA's cats' and dogs' plates:

AKI supports Uganda SPCA's rescued animals through a Pet Food Fund
Kitties enjoying food thanks to the AKI Pet Food Fund

AKI's Pet Food Fund supports Uganda SPCA's rescued animals
Uganda SPCA's dogs get plentiful food thanks to AKI's support for Uganda SPCA's rescued dogs and our Pet Food Fund

Uganda SPCA's dogs eating food thanks to the AKI Pet Food Fund
AKI's Pet Food Fund-feeding the USPCA's rescued animals

Dogs get full bowls of food thanks to the AKI Pet Food Fund
Full bowls of food for all USPCA dogs, thanks to the AKI Pet Food Fund
Uganda SPCA's dogs eating full bowls of food
Uganda SPCA's dogs get plenty to eat!

AKI supports USPCA rescued animals, like this tiny kitty
Tiny kitty at the USPCA shelter

Thank you for helping AKI support Uganda SPCA's rescued animals!


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