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Uganda Society for the Protection & Care of Animals Loves their Cats!

Sometimes cats get short shrift. Often they're not as willing as dogs to pose for pictures or to do silly things that are easily captured on video. Nonetheless, Uganda SPCA loves their cats, which are some of the most beautiful, nice-and obedient-cats we've ever seen.

As of today, Haven staff are taking care of 58 cats, about 20 more cats than they typically care for at The Haven. Some of the cats were left behind by their owners when they returned to their home countries earlier in the covid-19 pandemic. Some were rescued, usually from dangerous situations.

Upon arrival at The Haven, Dr. Singh gives each cat a check-up, and if needed, the cat is fully vaccinated. All cats are spayed or neutered. The 58 cats at The Haven are all available for adoption-some (those who were willing to pose) are pictured below.   

When you have 58 cats to take care of, you have to have a system for feeding them or you won't know who has eaten, who is stealing whose food, who is making a pig of themselves (at least not until it's too late and you have a very overweight cat). Some of the cats are shy and don't want to eat with the crowd. Some of the cats are aggressive and frighten others away from the food.

So Haven Manager Alex Ochieng came up with an idea-putting the food dishes in a line, making sure each cat is at a dish, and watching the entire time to make sure that all cats get their fill of food. Here's how it works:

Sometimes it's really nice to get away from the barking dogs and go into the peaceful sanctuary of the cattery. Cats are definitely great companions if you're looking for someone to laugh with and at, for an undemanding friend to relax with, and for a companion to just hang out with. Hoping that the 58 kitties residing at The Haven soon get the companions they so deserve.


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