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Uganda SPCA, Early 2021 Update

As I write this, the USPCA is on the verge of purchasing a 2-acre plot of land, which could become the new Haven. There are still too many things that could happen to derail the purchase. We are hopeful and confident, but realistic--until money changes hands, there's no deal. For the 300 or so cats and dogs at The Haven, we are hoping to hear positive news soon. Meanwhile, these are some of the recent USPCA rescues and adoptions. Your donations to AKI cover almost 50% of the operating costs of The Haven. These rescues are possible thanks to you!

This kitten was rescued January 2, 2021 in Bugolobi. She was born completely blind. She had no problem adjusting to The Haven, and immediately began eating well and drinking water.

In the last AKI Blog post about the USPCA, we told you about an early morning call in December from a concerned person reporting a dog curled up and shivering along Kabalagala-Kibuli road (picture below). The USPCA rescued her and treated her for mange.

By early January, she was a very different looking and feeling dog! (picture below)

This boy (picture below) was either hit by a vehicle or motorbike in January. Antje found him on the roadside helpless because his back was injured. He was unable to move. The USPCA picked him up and he was immediately put under the care of Dr. Singh. Antje named him Rico and Ulli volunteered to sponsor Rico.

In January, Coco was removed from her owner. In the picture below, you can see why. Alex, who sees many things that most of us don't, called this rescue "heartbreaking." Under the USPCA's care, Coco put on weight and she was spayed.

But the GREAT news is that in early March, Coco was adopted! We thank Veronica and family for giving Coco a loving home in Soroti.

The Uganda SPCA rescued this poor boy (picture below) in early March at Naguru Summit View Road near Skyz Hotel. He was immediately put under treatment for mange and as they always do, he quickly improved.

On March 14, the Uganda SPCA rescued this young girl near Baraka Complex, Kisaasi-Kyanja. She underwent treatment for mange. Thanks to Simon, who contacted the USPCA about her, she is no longer suffering.

Also in mid-March, USPCA volunteer Myra rescued this boy from the Namulanda area and brought him to the shelter. He was immediately put under Dr. Singh's care.

Thank you to Laura for rescuing this very cute puppy and taking good care of him until he was confident, healthy, and strong enough to enter the USPCA Haven shelter at the end of March.

No more hard times for this dog! In early May, the USPCA removed him from his owner, where he had been living in the rain, sun, no water, no decent shelter. The owner just did not care about the state of this poor dog.

At the end of April, Alex undertook another pit latrine rescue. This little kitten spent 2 days deep inside the pit latrine. Alex brought her to the safety of the USPCA Haven.

These two kittens and their mother were poisoned in Kirinya and luckily, just in time, they were brought to the USPCA for treatment. More good luck, Julia was volunteering and fell in love with them. She fostered them during their very critical recovery period.

This boy had really suffered with his paws tied with a rope, he was left in the Bugolobi swamp. We don't know how long he was there, but long enough for the rope to almost cut his paw off. He was rescued by the USPCA team in mid February. And by early April, he was fully recovered and a happy dog!

LOOK AT HIM NOW!!!!!! (picture below from April 8):

Rocky's owner left him behind last year when he had to leave the country due to covid-19. A 4 year old rottie, Rocky is a friendly beauty, but not everyone can handle such a strong dog. We're grateful that Ridhwa adopted Rocky.

Those of us who knew this really sweet doberman are thrilled that he got a really nice home. So many people think that dobies are tough; most aren't, and Kunta certainly wasn't. Thank you Margaret for giving Kunta a loving home.

Christmas kitties! Not one but four of USPCA kittens were adopted to one home just after Christmas 2020. Thank you to the Kwizera family for giving these kitties a forever home.

With the good, there's sometimes some bad. This is what the USPCA is here for, to educate, to change attitudes towards cats and dogs, and to change how people treat them. Sadly, this dog was transported to the USPCA on the back of a motorbike from 35 km away because the owner no longer wanted him. At least the owner sent him to The Haven. We are all grateful that The Haven is there for all cats and dogs in need.

I was at the USPCA Haven at the end of March, and I was thrilled that the dogs and cats seem to be in better shape and in generally happier spirits than I ever found them before. Maybe they've heard the news of a new Haven. Here's hoping!


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