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Uganda SPCA: July 2022 Update

AKI Partner, Uganda SPCA is so busy, this AKI Blog post gives just a little taste of what it's been like to be a USPCA staff member during the last few months.

On July 19, a USPCA friend rescued these 11 puppies along the Expressway and brought them to The Haven:

On the night of July 25, someone dumped these 5 puppies outside the USPCA gate:

With the 11 puppies from July 19 and the 5 dumped puppies, the USPCA had 16 very young puppies under their care as of July 25:

On July 28, the USPCA received a call from Makerere University about a dog who gave birth to 14 puppies! Yes 14. All of them now at The Haven (that made 30 very young puppies within 9 days!):

On that same day, the USPCA accepted 15 surrendered cats. If the USPCA couldn't take them in, they were going to be poisoned:

On July 23, the USPCA team rescued this poor girl along Old Port Bell Road and she's now at The Haven being treated for mange:

In mid-July, the USPCA team rescued this dog and her 4 puppies -- she was a tough mama dog, protecting her puppies. People living in the area complained to the USPCA about her, they were afraid of her. But once she was in a safe place-The Haven, she became very gentle.

Our favorite kind of story is one where a Uganda SPCA rescue is living happily at a permanent or foster home.

Here's kitty Kampala on July 4 at her foster home--now that's a relaxed, content kitty!

Our least favorite kind of story is one like this: Alex told us, "I tried my best to save him and removed him from that drainage but sadly he didn't make it. By the time we reached the shelter he had died."

On the morning of July 19, the USPCA accepted these 4 relinquished dogs. Their owner passed away and the current owner could no longer keep them. The 3 females and 1 male are named Police, Obie, Wander, and Honey. They're already fully vaccinated and de-wormed but still need to be spayed/neutered.

In the early morning of July 18, the USPCA received a call about this boy in Muyenga They found him with a rope around his neck and he was very weak. At The Haven, the staff bathed him, de-wormed him, and he was already feeling much better:

On June 18, Alex wrote, "We get calls from different places day and night for rescue. Just count the kittens we received from 19th June to date [28th June]. They are 19 kittens." Some of the 19 are in the 2 pictures below:

On July 8, USPCA friend Carolina rescued this kitten on Mbuya Road in Bugolobi:

On July 2, a USPCA friend notified the USPCA about this cat who was living at the Las Vegas Garden Hotel, where the staff was planning to poison her just because they didn't want her there. The USPCA rescued her from that dangerous situation:

On May 17, the owner of these puppies called the USPCA to say that she can't take care of them anymore and if the USPCA couldn't take them, she was going to throw them out on the street! They didn't trust any human being and were very frightened. The USPCA team was socializing them and they were starting to get over their fear in this picture with Alex:

What big ears those puppies have!

On July 7, the USPCA team rescued this boy. He was living on the street and slowly starving until a kind person saw him and contacted the USPCA. He's been de-wormed and vaccinated and now just needs healthy food to put on some weight (and then he can be neutered):

On July 6, the owner of these two girls surrendered them to the shelter because he was shifting to a new location where he couldn't keep them:

I think it's time for some happy adoption stories! You'll notice that we are very unbalanced though --so many more cats and dogs have entered The Haven than have been adopted out.

Thank you to Isaiah and family for adopting this young male kitty (July 8):

These two sweet girl dogs were adopted together on July 8. Thank you to Rita for giving USPCA dogs a loving home!

This is the same puppy with the black snout above, when she was rescued from Entebbe in March:

Thank you Samalie for giving this kitty a loving, permanent home (July 4):

Thank you to Ben for adopting this sweet USPCA boy:

Jack was adopted from the USPCA some years ago. We are happy to report that he's doing well in Mbale. Thank you to Katherine for taking good care of him:

With so many cats and dogs at the USPCA's shelter, plus preparing the new shelter location to receive 300+ cats and dogs, the USPCA's budget has seriously dwindled. We are grateful for your help. 100% of donations to AKI are used to support our Partners and Grant Program. You can designate an AKI Partner Organization for your donation. To designate Uganda SPCA, please click on:

and enter the information in the donation form. Thank you!


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