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Uganda SPCA September 2021 Update

The previous AKI Blog post about our Partner Organization, Uganda SPCA, took us from January through early May. In that article, I wrote that the USPCA was on the verge of purchasing a plot of land. I'm sure that by now everyone knows that the purchase went through and the USPCA owns a 2.08 acre plot. However, they still owe almost US$30,000 to individual lenders. Besides more fundraising to cover this shortfall, the next steps will be to construct a perimeter fence, move the kennels and the cats and dogs to the new location, and build a reception/office space.

While keeping our eye on the needs and continuing to support the new shelter location, Animal-Kind International continues to support the USPCA's ongoing, day-to-day needs, as well. Donations to AKI typically cover almost 50% of USPCA's operating costs. This is how the USPCA spent your donations to AKI from January through June:

Paying the rent for The Haven and salaries of the staff, and of course, feeding the cats and dogs in the care of the USPCA, are the main priorities, and the 1st 2 are very difficult to raise money for. But compare this pie chart to previous ones, and you'll see that the USPCA used to spread AKI funds among many needs. This shows how during the last 6 months (during covid), the USPCA really needed AKI support for the very basic necessities to keep The Haven operating.

Below, are some of the cats and dogs who benefited from your donations--donations that keep the USPCA open and able to help animals--over the past few months.

In early September, these two young boys brought their beautiful German shepherd to The Haven. They said that their father doesn't want him since he has a swollen leg. The USPCA offered to treat him at no cost and once recovered, return him to the family, but the boys said that his father would kill the dog if he was returned. Of course, the dog is now at The Haven being treated by the USPCA vet.

Also in early September, this poor girl was rescued from Logogo bypass, where she was chained to a tree. Luckily someone got in touch with the USPCA just in time. Kids were planning to stone her to death for eating their chickens!!!!! The USPCA staff had a long talk with the kids and the dog is now safe at the USPCA Haven.

Still in early September, a friend of the USPCA found this sweet dog on the road after being knocked by a vehicle. The witness called the USPCA and the staff was able to rescue him. He has an injured leg and is recovering at The Haven.

On September 2, the USPCA rescued this kitty after she was attacked by dogs. She was treated for her injuries and is recovering at The Haven.

In August, this boy brought his dogs to the USPCA clinic to be vaccinated and de-wormed. Kids like this make us optimistic about the next generation and the cats and dogs of Uganda (and beyond). The USPCA spends a lot of time educating people, young and old, about good animal care and being kind to animals in the hope that more people will be responsible, just like this young man.

On August 26, International Dog Day, 4 dogs were adopted from The Haven by 3 families:

In June, this kitty was rescued in Kololo, found with a deformed leg and a wound, the kitty was treated at The Haven and is doing very well there now!

At the end of June, the USPCA received a report about a dog whose snout had a rubber band around it and the area became horribly infected. This picture shows the dog at The Haven after the injury was cleaned up (you would not want to see it before).

In mid-May, Daisy was rescued from Jinja, where she was abandoned by her owner. She had mange. Thanks to USPCA supporter, Brittany, the USPCA's transport costs from Kampala to Jinja and return were covered.

Here's Daisy 2 months later, still being treated for mange, but looking so much better. Daisy is a border collie, a breed of dog that's smarter than most people!

In June, 4 lucky dogs were adopted into 1 family. We thank the Kirumira family for giving ths a loving home.

We'll leave you with an amazing story: Kitty Minou, who was adopted from The Haven, was lost in 2017 in Ntinda. In June 2021, she was found in Ntinda! She was micro-chipped and returned to her original owner. AMAZING!!!!

Haven Manager Alex Ochieng with Minou


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