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Uganda SPCA: The NEW Haven, April-July 2022

Here's a pictorial update of the progress at the new Haven location since our last AKI Blog post about the USPCA on April 24.

April 27, construction workers began putting up the 8 new kennels:

By April 30, the 8 new kennels were in place (with the "airlock" system to prevent escapes when people enter or leave):

And the slab for the kitchen had been laid:

On May 22, the kitchen was being built:

By June 13, the frames to hold the roofs over the 8 new pens were in place:

On June 19, the wood burning stove was placed in the kitchen:

And the slab for the office/reception area was laid:

On July 6, the kitchen was completed:

By July 6, the roofs had been placed on the 8 new pens:

Also by July 6, concrete walls were in place, and once the existing pens at the "old" Haven can be dismantled, they will be placed here:

Several trees have been donated to the USPCA for use at the new location. Once the new Haven is completed, it will be a beautiful place for visitors, staff, and cats and dogs and it will be a great place to host events like this one, a birthday party for Leo, to which mom Birgitta invited USPCA shelter puppies:

On July 20, a day we've all been waiting for, the 1st dogs arrived at the USPCA's NEW Haven!

people and dogs at the shelter
Alex and Myra relaxing at the new Haven, enjoying time with the 1st USPCA dogs at the new location


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