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Uganda SPCA: Update

It's time to prepare for the move to the new USPCA Haven. In part this move is more sudden than we had expected and is due to circumstances beyond our control: The adjacent residents submitted a formal complaint to the Kampala City Council Authority about the noise and the odor coming from The Haven. The KCCA gave the USPCA an eviction notice with the deadline of January 15, 2022 and requested that in the interim, the USPCA attend to the noise and odor issues.

The USPCA did everything within their power to minimize odors. Of course noise--barking dogs--is beyond the shelter's control. The dogs bark mainly at feeding time--so although loud, it's usually limited to a few times a day.

The USPCA Board has been negotiating with the KCCA for a three-month extension at the least. As we wait for the KCCA's decision though, of course AKI and the USPCA are not sitting still!

The USPCA is developing a master plan for the new location. Development of the plot is divided into phases; the 1st involves placing the most critical structures (animal enclosures, fencing, well for water provision) and preparing the land for additional development. Some funds are set aside for this, but we continue to raise money as we move into this new phase of transferring animals and infrastructure to the new site, ensuring that the animals are safe, and that the on-site staff has the facilities they need.

On top of all of this, the USPCA staff of course continues to host visitors, help local communities take care of their cats and dogs, and to rescue, provide veterinary treatment, and give the best care they possibly can for the > 300 cats and dogs at The Haven. Here are some of their stories:

1) On December 28, these 2 German shepherds wandered into someone's plot in Gayaza, hungry, lost, in search of their owner who had abandoned them. The USPCA was called to their rescue and they're now safe at The Haven.

2) In mid-December, a call came into the USPCA-a dog had fallen into a ditch and couldn't move. This poor boy had a broken leg and was full of ticks. But not only that, he's totally blind. Alex wrapped him up and took him to The Haven (picture below), where his broken leg was treated and where he no longer has to worry about the hazards of life for a blind dog on Kampala's streets.

3) In early December, the USPCA was called to undertake another rescue from a pit latrine -- this happens far too often and simply covering the pit would eliminate the hazard. The kitten was removed and taken to The Haven-a little dirty, but in fine shape otherwise.

4) An early morning phone call from a USPCA friend helped save this cat (below) from any more stress and pain than he already went through. The USPCA is often called to untangle cats caught in razor wire-a bane to many animals. This kitty was brought to The Haven for treatment and, hopefully, for adoption.

5) Late December brought adoptions of some of The Haven's kitties -- it's always nice to witness kitties (and dogs too) going home with their new people!

6) In September, the USPCA returned Speed to his home after he was neutered, vaccinated, and de-wormed. Everyone was happy to be reunited. While at Speed's home, the children led Alex to Bella, who had given birth to 8 puppies. So after returning one dog to his home, they returned to The Haven with nine! In mid-December, they returned after she was spayed, vaccinated, and de-wormed (pictures below of Speed and Bella at their home along Bukoto- Bahai road).

7) The USPCA hosts school groups, families, government authorities (even the KCCA!), veterinary students, and local community groups to learn about The Haven, the plight of street cats and dogs, how to act when a stray dog is nearby, our responsibility for cats and dogs, and how to best provide care for them. This group visited in late October-we can't wait for groups to visit the new home of The Haven!

Thank you SO much to all of you who have stood with and supported the Uganda SPCA (and Animal-Kind International) over the years. Together we've reached a turning point for the USPCA and we'll soon see our longtime dream-a larger Haven, a real haven-come true.


As we continue to raise money for the move to the new USPCA Haven and get the currently vacant land ready for the arrival of the 1st cats and dogs, we're still raising money for operating the current Haven. This is how the USPCA spent your donations (excluding for land) in 2021:


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