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AKI Grantee: Veterinarians for Animal Welfare Zimbabwe

Following two earlier AKI-supported clinics which had fewer animal clients than they expected, VAWZ held another clinic in late October in Caledonia, on the outskirts of Harare. The clinic was a big success; they spayed and neutered a total of 36 animals and gave rabies vaccinations to 89 dogs. VAWZ exceeded the target of their grant project of 200 animals vaccinated and 40 sterilized--they sterilized a total of 63 animals!) The October team comprised three vets, two veterinary nurses, one member of VAWZ and an Animal Welfare Inspector.

The VAWZ rural animal welfare bus arrives in Caledonia

Melanie Hood, VAWZ’s Chief Animal Welfare Officer, explained that the AKI grant had been used to reach out to low income families and enable them to have their animals sterilized and vaccinated. The spaying of each female dog will of course prevent dozens of unwanted puppies being born during her life.

Clinics like this are so important: they improve animal welfare standards but they also curb the ever-increasing dog population which causes a number of problems within communities including packs of hungry dogs attacking children and livestock as well as the spread of diseases.

Melanie was so grateful to AKI for the 2021 grant and expressed her hope that AKI would continue to support VAWZ on an annual basis.

Tatenda and Joseph wait in line with Cheetah and Tiger, the puppy, for rabies vaccinations

Bingo Spot and Spider wait to be treated at the Caledonia Clinic

Dr Bhebe operates on Blackie


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