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How We've Helped Helping Hands for Hounds of Honduras, August-December 2015

AKI sends 3 disbursements a year to our partner organizations. They use AKI donor funds for their priority needs, as long as they are directly related to animal care and welfare.

For Helping Hands for Hounds of Honduras, AKI donors are the main source of funds to care for about 25 old or injured dogs and 5 cats, some of whom will need a lifetime of care, often because of the cruelty inflicted on them by humans. Pilar at HHHH helps them forget their past, teaches them to trust again, and makes sure their lives, from the moment they enter the HHHH sanctuary, are filled with love. (There's more information on AKI's HHHH page, http://www.animal-kind.org/#!honduras--helping-hands-for-hounds-of-ho/elvm8).

[Above picture: 2 puppies rescued by HHHH are adopted!]

[Above picture: 2 puppies desperately in need of help: HHHH comes to the rescue!]

From August through December, AKI donors covered the cost of:

  • 4-5 bags of dog food each month, 3 bags of cat food each month, and canned food

  • A helper to clean the HHHH yard 7 times

  • Hemograms (blood tests) for a total of 24 dogs

  • Spay surgery for Molly2, Suzie, and Minnie, and neuter of Odie

  • Puppy vaccinations (pictured above)

  • Medications and supplies, such as: 5 doses of Rocefort IM antibiotic; 2 liters of physiological serum for IV; chemo drugs; de-wormers (Drontal Plus); Intrafer to treat anemia; Dicynone for bleeding; Baytril; Clavobay; and other vet meds.

Odie, whose growth on his leg (see picture below) was removed some months ago (thanks to AKI donor support), and recently, he was neutered (2nd picture below), is grateful to AKI donors for giving him a second chance!

Susie is grateful to AKI donors for covering her spay surgery (picture below shows Guillermo rescuing Susie)!

The kitties at the HHHH sanctuary are grateful to AKI donors for the yummy food that Pilar is able to buy for them!

Dobby, Molly, & Odie (vet care for all 3 was covered by AKI donors) are grateful to have the HHHH Sanctuary as their home!

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