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How Humane Education is Making a Difference in Honduras

Helping Hands for Hounds of Honduras has always considered Humane Education a top priority. As a professor of ornithology at Universidad Nacional Autónoma de Honduras, Pilar (HHHH founder & director) not only taught her students about birds and conservation, she also sparked their interested in animal welfare --the welfare of all animals, including cats and dogs. But Pilar didn't just focus on humane education at the university level. She has encouraged, promoted, and taught humane education for kindergarten-aged kids through 12th graders.

Animal-Kind International has supported these efforts by sending relevant humane education material to HHHH.

Some of Pilar's students have formed their own animal rescue organizations or have become animal advocates. Some have become teachers and incorporate animal topics, including humane education, into their lessons. We're seeing that humane education is really making a difference in the way animals are treated in Honduras.

For example.....

One of Pilar's old biology students, who now lives in Corquin, Copan and works as a groomer and assistant in a veterinary clinic, had asked Pilar for copies of the humane education materials that we had sent to HHHH. He wanted to use them for a Pet Day that he was organizing at the local bilingual school that his children attend.

Pet Day revolved around meeting the kids' pets, reading and learning about cats and dogs, drawing pictures and creating posters about animals. The students who brought their pets, showed them off proudly and all the dogs who attended Pet Day got tons of love.

In the past, the 1st emotion upon seeing a dog, even a small dog, would have been fear. But not anymore. Now the 1st emotions are love and curiosity (wanting to go up to the dog to meet and pet her).

Girl and her little dog at Pet Day at school
At Pet Day, this girl brought her little dog to show off to school mates

students draw and color animal designs
Students learn concepts of Humane Education by drawing, coloring, and reading about animals
Organizer of pet day and his 3 dogs
Pilar's old student organized activities for Pet Day at his children's school
Poster about dog, Peggy
Some of the students created posters about their pets describing what they love about them
students holding up posters about animals
For Pet Day, students made pro-animal posters

group of students with their pets
The full group of students and their pets enjoying Pet Day

Of course, Helping Hands for Hounds of Honduras also takes care of the dogs and cats at their sanctuary, the Nereida Montes de Oca Refugio, and helps animals in need of rescue. To help at the sanctuary and for rescue animals, Animal-Kind International recently sent meds that a local vet donated to us.

box of veterinary meds
Box of meds sent to Helping Hands for Hounds of Honduras

Pilar's vet, Dr Orlando, helps many rescued animals and treats strays also. Pilar shared some of the meds with her vet. Dr Orlando used the Bravecto for this stray cat, who was covered with fleas. He feeds the cat and of course neutered him.

stray cat after being treated with flea meds
Stray cat treated for fleas with AKI-donated meds

This dog was a stray in Suyapa and for 5 days, a group of people tried to catch him. He obviously needed vet care. Finally, a woman was successful and gained his trust, and he allowed her to take him to Dr Orlando. She had no money to pay for vet care, but Orlando helped anyway. He cleaned the dog up and gave him the antibiotics we had sent to HHHH.

stray dog at vet clinic getting treated for horrible wound on snout
Rescued stray dog who desperately needed vet care

Certainly that a group of people came together to save this dog with this horrific injury--that he wasn't stoned, that he wasn't chased, but that everyone showed compassion is a great demonstration of how humane education is making a difference in Honduras.


Since Helping Hands for Hounds of Honduras is a home for senior animals, we often have to say goodbye.

On January 8, Bootsy died after just one day of vomiting and drinking a lot of water. Up until then, she was fine and enjoying her old age at the Sanctuary. Bootsy had no teeth in front, but she could still eat without a problem. She was always sweet with people but fought with the other dogs over food.

senior dog Bootsy at the Honduras sanctuary
Bootsy at the Helping Hands for Hounds of Honduras Sanctuary-she was a very happy senior dog

Rescued dog, Bootsy, at the Honduras sanctuary
Bootsy was about 6 months old when Pilar and Lety rescued her from under a building.

RIP Bootsy


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