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Helping Hands for Hounds of Honduras: How AKI donors helped during 2016

AKI donors helped HHHH during the 1st few months of 2016 by providing funds for vet care, spay/neuter, dog and cat food, and construction of one kennel (at a cost of US$400) at the HHHH sanctuary. Two more kennels still need to be repaired at a cost of about US$600. We hope to raise enough money to finish these sanctuary repairs before 2016 ends, while continuing to provide the funds needed for HHHH to conduct their life saving rescue work.

These are some of the recipients of AKI donor support to HHHH during the 1st part of 2016:

The puppy in the picture below to the left is Bunny. A man tossed her from his car to a boy, who was looking for cans on the street. Bunny was only 2 months old at the time. The boy brought Bunny to Pilar's fellow rescuer, Leticia, and Leticia brought the puppy to Pilar. During Bunny's 1st trip to the vet, she was treated for fleas and ticks and vaccinated, later she was spayed. AKI donors covered vet costs.

No one knows what happened to her right leg, she may have been born like that or possibly something more sinister.....She has a loving home now at the HHHH sanctuary.

Puppy Bunny was a "throw away" dog

The guy below was hit by a car and had mange when he was rescued and brought to the HHHH sanctuary. Thanks to AKI support, he was treated for mange, received antibiotics, and was neutered, and once recovered, he was adopted!

This kitty was rescued with the help of HHHH volunteers and in this picture, she's resting the day after being spayed thanks to support from AKI donors. She'll be staying at the HHHH sanctuary until she's adopted.

Although Bunny is missing most of her leg, she's still able to keep up with Thor (the black pup below), the other puppy currently living at the HHHH sanctuary. Thor was turned over to HHHH by his family after three vets in Choluteca recommended to euthanize him due to a cartilage defect in his legs. Pilar's vet disagreed. He's been at the sanctuary for about 6 weeks, and he was recently neutered (Pilar says, "thank you AKI.") He weighs 41 lbs and is strong and very playful.

Bunny and Thor

Besides vet care and spay/neuter, AKI donors covered the cost of dog and cat food for HHHH sanctuary animals. Pilar recently bought dry food for 1 month for the cats and for 5 days for the dogs, and canned food for 1 month for the cats and 10 days for the dogs (From Pilar: "Thank you so much AKI."),

Thanks to AKI supporter, Madeleine's LoveAnimals' fundraiser, and topped up by other AKI donors, Pilar was able to turn this section of the HHHH sanctuary yard........

Before the kennel was constructed

During kennel construction

into this beautiful, spacious kennel:

The new HHHH kennel; 2 more are needed

Sadly, not all rescue stories have happy endings, as hard as HHHH's Pilar and her fellow volunteers try. Jane was rescued from the middle of a busy street by HHHH supporter Kelly Janeth. Jane was extremely anemic and emaciated, very weak and barely able to stand, covered in lice, and only able to drink water. The vet treated her with vitamins and antibiotics, but she died after 4 days. During those last days at the HHHH sanctuary, Jane knew she was safe, cared for, and loved.

RIP Jane

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