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What's New at Save the Animals-Armenia?

One of the happy dogs at the Save the Animals-Armenia shelter

Save the Animals-Armenia relies on AKI donors to provide food for the shelter dogs, spay/neuter, shelter renovations, and even to pay the gas bill. Nune bought this rice with the last AKI disbursement to Save the Animals.

Save the Animals-Armenia mixes rice with meat to feed the dogs. This rice was bought with AKI funds.

Nune mixes the rice with meat and something called, Herkules, a highly nutritious additive. The older dogs really need this extra nutrition. And all the dogs need it during the cold winters in Armenia.

Bathtub full of dog food

Then the food gets divvied up for the dogs. This feeds about 180 dogs at the SAA shelter. This is one day of dog food!

This is what it looks like to cook for almost 200 dogs every day.

Save the Animals has also been helping this street dog and her puppy (below). She seems content hanging out just outside the SAA shelter. Nune will be getting the mama dog spayed and once the puppy is old enough he (or she) will be fixed also. We're hoping that we'll raise enough money so Nune can get both surgeries done before the year's over.

Street dog and her pup who live outside the SAA shelter

All of these dogs-pictured below-were spayed in September thanks to AKI donors! But the problem is that Nune still needs to get 13 more SA-Armenia shelter dogs spayed! 13 dogs at about US$70/dog=$910. This would be a great holiday gift to Nune, Save the Animals-Armenia, and the dogs!!!! Please consider a donation, large or small, anything helps Nune get these dogs fixed and makes sure they have full bellies this winter!

This dog was spayed thanks to AKI donors

This dog was also spayed thanks to AKI donors

And this dog was spayed thanks to AKI donors too!

Another dog spayed thanks to AKI donors!

Thsi dog was sterilized thanks to AKI donors

Dog spayed

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