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Save Animals-Armenia: October 2022

Thank you to our friend Gayane, who will personally deliver AKI funds to SA-Armenia in October, when she travels from the US to Yerevan. Nune is all set to receive the money and already knows how she'll spend your donations:

Nune found this puppy in September, desperately in need a vet care for his injured leg:

We thought he might lose the leg, but the vet was able to save it!

Funds from AKI will cover this sweet puppy's vet care.

Also thanks to AKI donors, Nune will get this street dog, who stays outside the shelter property, spayed-no more puppies for her!

Although Nune works with the municipality to get street dogs spayed/neutered, as you can see from the video, they aren't always able to act fast enough to prevent litters. The mama dog will continue to live outside the shelter, where Nune feeds her (along with more than 30 other street dogs and some cats), and where she is safe and comfortable.

Of course, as always, Nune will use AKI funds for food for the shelter dogs.

The dogs at the SA-Armenia shelter are so beautiful, and many would do so well in a home. But sadly, in Armenia, few people are interested in or able to adopt large, mixed breed, adult dogs.

Look at these sweet beauties! If anyone, especially in Europe, can offer a home to one, you would not only make a dog very happy, but you and we would be so happy too! Get in touch for more info!

All are already spayed or neutered and vaccinated!


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