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Save Animals-Armenia: March 2023

Most recently, Save Animals-Armenia used your donations to feed shelter dogs and street dogs and to get street dogs spayed.

Even before we sent them, Nune already had plans for the funds we were sending late in 2022: "I will pay for 3 months for food 'special food' Royal Canin for puppy and for dogs and for keeping puppy to that woman. She is doing everything for puppy. I will pay for food and vitamins for the puppy about 300 $. For sterilization 100$ for dog with puppies. And other money will buy the food for shelter and street dogs Thanks a lot to You Dear Karen and AKI."

This is the sweet street dog Nune referred to above, living just outside the SA shelter, where she had her puppies. But she will never have puppies again!

These are some of the dogs Nune referred to above - the street dogs she feeds. They have been spayed, but they live on the street and of course need someone to feed and watch over them on a daily basis--Nune does just that. If she didn't, bad things happen to street dogs, even when they're spayed and well-behaved like these are:

Remember the puppy from the last Save Animals-Armenia AKI Blog post?--and who Nune mentioned above. The puppy started using her leg again and walking in November! And we had thought she'd never be able to use her leg again.

We were so so shocked and saddened to learn that soon after this video was taken, the puppy died, she had cancer that couldn't be treated. But she had a few happy months, during which she was well cared for and loved. We are grateful that she wasn't sick and dying alone on the street.

Another shock came in November when someone dumped SEVEN girl puppies outside Nune's shelter. Seven girls!

Nune found someone who agreed to keep them in his yard (Nune's shelter has mainly older dogs, dogs who have had difficult lives, it's not safe to have puppies running around with them). Nune went to the yard every day to clean, give them food, and play with them to socialize them. She told us, "They are eating only Royal Canin, and so small yet. Food has gotten so much more expensive in Armenia." She also had them vaccinated, so they are healthy pups, all of whom need to be spayed now!

puppy abandoned
One of the seven girl puppies dumped outside the shelter
abandoned puppy
Another one of the cute girls!
Nune made this house to protect the puppies from cold and wet.

The seven puppies at the yard where Nune visits daily

And still there are so many dogs living on Yerevan's streets with no one to care for them, all needing food, needing to be watched over, of course, needing to be spayed. These are just some of them, some of the ones who hang out in the industrial area, near the SA-Armenia shelter, a popular dumping ground......

There are always more mouths to be fed, more dogs needing to be vaccinated, spayed, loved.


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