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Save Animals-Armenia: February 2022

We recently sent Partner Organization Save Animals-Armenia a disbursement and Nune already knows how she'll be using the money:

"Street dogs, as always, food, food, more food."

dogs living on the street in Yerevan
Nune feeds over 30 street dogs every day.

And she told us, "shelter dogs will have enough food."

shelter dog
An SA-A shelter dog, you can see the ears were cut to make him look like a bear-and ferocious

shelter dog
Hatikko, one of the oldest dogs at the SA-A shelter, she's about 15 years old.

shelter dog
At the Save Animals-Armenia shelter

And Nune has other plans for the AKI money as well: "I will pay for sterilization of 4 dogs- mama and her 3 puppies."

shelter puppy
One of the three puppies to be spayed with AKI funds
shelter dog
Mama will be spayed with AKI funds

Here's how SA-Armenia used our previous disbursement (the last half of 2021):

We'll leave you with this (at the SA-Armenia shelter)-you can test your knowledge of Armenian [I understand "gorgeous" : ) ]


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